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Global Europe 28-11-2019

Space traffic management – the next challenge for Europe’s leadership in space:

The EU needs to show leadership on space traffic management to ensure that it protects its increasingly important space infrastructure, writes Marian Jean Marinescu.
Future of mobility 19-01-2018

More space for more Europe

2018 will be a crucial year to shape a stimulating new narrative for EU space policy. Jean-Loic Galle lists a couple of key points ahead of the 10th EU space policy conference taking place in Brussels on 23 and 24 January.
Transport 01-02-2017

Europe needs its own Apollo program

The election of Donald Trump took Europe by surprise. What followed did not: Trump is surrounding himself with like-minded people, writes Juraj Mesik.
Development Policy 18-07-2007

EU public funding for Galileo

Contrary to popular belief, the issue bedevilling Galileo is not finding public funding, as there are many Member States willing to invest heavily, argues André Ferron in a paper for the think-tank Confrontations Europe. Nevertheless, Gallileo should not be ''nationalised'': it would be better if public funding were endorsed by the EU so that its own interests prevail, he claims.