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  • EU to launch first two Galileo satellites

    Digital & Media 19-10-2011

    The first two satellites of the EU’s Galileo programme for global satellite navigation will be launched on Thursday (20 October) from Europe’s spaceport in Kourou, French Guyana.

  • Brussels on mission to boost EU’s role in space exploration

    Innovation & Industry 01-04-2011

    The European Commission will propose on Monday (4 April) to strengthen the EU's space policy with the aim of increasing the bloc's capability "to pursue independent missions". 

  • Galileo needs two billion euros extra

    Transport 19-01-2011

    Europe's biggest space programme, Galileo, needs a further €1.9 billion euros to make the satellite navigation system operational, the European Commission said yesterday (18 January).

  • German, French firms win Galileo money

    Transport 08-01-2010

    Germany's OHB Technology is to provide 14 satellites for the EU's Galileo navigation system, while Arianespace of France will put them into orbit in order to build a European rival to the US GPS system by 2014.

  • Europe tries to relaunch space policy

    Transport 16-10-2009

    The European Union is stepping up its efforts to catch up with other global powers on space policy after the temporary collapse of its flagship project for satellite navigation, Galileo.

  • Auditors slam EU over Galileo

    Transport 01-07-2009

    The European Commission's leadership and management skills have been found wanting by a Court of Auditors report into the EU's much-delayed Galileo satellite navigation project. The report, published on 29 June, also blames individual countries for defending their commercial interests throughout the programme.

  • Ministers ask EU to guarantee access to space

    Innovation & Industry 26-09-2008

    In a resolution adopted this morning (26 September), European ministers responsible for space underlined the strategic importance of guaranteeing the continent's political and technological independence on space and unveiled their ambition to make Europe one of the world's leading space powers.

  • Galileo a step closer to orbit

    Transport 08-04-2008

    The path for the EU's satellite navigation system to become operational by 2013 has been cleared after member states agreed implementation rules outlining a timetable and industrial tendering plan as well as a clear division of roles and responsibilities between the three EU institutions.

  • Galileo takes shape

    Transport 04-04-2008

    The EU's satellite navigation system is finally taking shape after representatives of member states and Parliament struck a deal on the project's institutional architecture.

  • EU to launch Galileo despite Spanish opposition

    Innovation & Industry 30-11-2007

    European ministers in charge of transport have agreed on the division of aerospace industrial work for Galileo. Spain, disappointed about not getting to host one of the system's ground control centres, voted against the long-awaited deal but lost out to a qualified majority.

  • 2008 budget deal heralds shift in EU policy

    Science & Policymaking 27-11-2007

    For the first time, the EU will be spending more on competitiveness than agriculture. After a conciliation meeting last Friday, the Council and Parliament reached an agreement on the 2008 budget, securing an extra €2.7 billion for the EU's two flagship projects - Galileo and the European Institute of Technology.

  • Galileo comes one step closer to reality

    Innovation & Industry 26-11-2007

    A new plan for industrial tendering for the troubled satellite navigation system, tabled by the Commission, is expected to find support at a meeting of EU transport ministers later this week after Germany said its concerns over tendering rules have been met.