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EU leadership approval ratings tumble to all-time low

Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Luxembourg are the only EU countries where citizens approve the European Union’s leadership with a clear 50% majority, according to a recent poll by Gallup. Approval ratings in nearly all other member states have dropped dramatically since 2008, especially in the crisis-hit south.

Europeans see EU going in the wrong direction: Survey

Two weeks before EU leaders meet to discuss measures to tackle record youth unemployment, a majority of Europeans say things are going in the wrong direction. If leaders fail to restore trust in the European project, voters might slam current leadership at the next elections, a survey shows.
EU Priorities 2020 20-05-2005

Citizens in Moldova and Georgia want to join EU

Public opinion in Georgia and Moldova is very strongly in favour of joining the European Union according to surveys conducted in the CIS countries by the Gallup Organisation.
Politics 22-10-2004

Improve national reporting and keep the message simple, EU professionals tell Wallström

Margot Wallström's new role of Communications Commissioner will be no easy task. A new report presents her with key recommendations on how to better communicate the EU to its citizens.
EU Priorities 2020 11-05-2004

Substantial drop in public support for enlargement in EU-15

A new Eurobarometer survey reveals a five per cent drop in EU-15 citizens' support for enlargement. This development is most marked in countries sharing a border with the new Member States.