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Global Europe 31-03-2022

Gazprom offices targeted in EU antitrust raids

Russian gas company Gazprom's offices in Germany were raided by EU antitrust regulators, people familiar with the matter said on Wednesday (30 March), as the EU watchdog ramped up its investigation into the company's gas supplies to Europe.
Global Europe 24-03-2022

German gas buyers raise the alarm over Russia’s ruble demand

German utilities on Thursday said their country needed an early warning system to tackle gas shortages, a day after Russia ordered the switch of contract payments to rubles, raising the risk of a supply squeeze and even higher prices.
Economy & Jobs 17-03-2022

What the Ukrainian economy needs now

In an interview with EURACTIV, the Ukrainian Business and Trade Association (UBTA) argued for support to its agricultural industry, help with transport infrastructure and a Marshall plan for after the war.
Global Europe 08-03-2022

Ukraine war on the brink of sparking world energy conflict

Fears of an energy war between Russia and the West grew on Tuesday after the United States pushed its allies to ban Russian oil imports as punishment for Moscow's invasion of Ukraine, where talks on humanitarian corridors made little progress.
Transport 04-03-2022

Petrol prices soar as Ukraine conflict panics energy markets

Gas and oil prices have hit new highs this week, with crude oil prices surpassing $110 per barrel for the first time since 2014, as the war in Ukraine caused panic on energy markets.
Energy 02-03-2022

LEAK: EU drafts plan to ditch Russian gas

Europe needs to build up its renewable energy capacity and diversify its gas supply to end its dependency on Russian gas, according to a leaked draft of the EU’s communication on energy prices seen by EURACTIV.
Energy 03-02-2022

Eastbound gas flows resume on Russian Yamal-Europe pipeline

Gas flows from Germany to Poland resumed on Wednesday evening (2 February) via the Russian Yamal-Europe pipeline, which usually sends Russian gas westwards into Europe, data from German network operator Gascade showed.
Global Europe 14-01-2022

Gazprom quizzed on high energy prices, EU’s Vestager says

The European Union's anti-trust chief on Thursday (13 January) said she had asked gas companies including Gazprom about tight supplies after accusations the Russian giant was holding back extra production that could be released to lower soaring prices.
Energy 31-12-2021

Hoping for cheaper gas to come, Europe reverses Russian link to tap storage

Gas traders are relying on stockpiles to supply European buyers and avoid paying near record-high prices, industry sources and market analysts said, explaining the unusual reverse in direction of flows through a major Russian pipeline.
Energy 15-12-2021

EU to allow joint gas buying, plots low-carbon gas shift

The European Commission on Wednesday (15 December) proposed rules allowing EU countries to jointly buy strategic reserves of gas, under plans that would also bolster gas storage and aim to add more low-carbon gases to the network.
Energy 13-12-2021

EU to propose joint gas buying in response to high energy prices – document

The European Commission will propose a voluntary system for EU countries to jointly buy gas to form strategic reserves in response to soaring energy prices, according to a document shared with countries ahead of a summit this week.