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Technology 21-04-2022

DMA: EU legislators resist pressure to change data provisions in the final text

Despite insistence from stakeholders, the final text of the Digital Markets Act (DMA), containing significant changes to a key data-related measure, will not be revised, according to a note seen by EURACTIV.
Technology 14-04-2022

DMA: significant additions made it into the final text

The long-waited final text for the Digital Markets Act, seen by EURACTIV, contains some unexpected last-minute changes.
Technology 28-03-2022

DMA: EU negotiators split on whether text covers remuneration for rightsholders

A last-minute bid to include the remuneration conditions for publishers in the Digital Markets Act (DMA) was rejected during the last trilogue. However, the EU institutions have conflicting views on what the agreed text entails.
Technology 24-03-2022

DMA: EU institutions agree on new rules for Big Tech

The new EU regulation targeting tech giants will become fully applicable in 2023, following an agreement reached between the EU co-legislators on Thursday (24 March).
Technology 22-03-2022

DMA: EU lawmakers ready to trade digital governance for tighter obligations

EU lawmakers are preparing to make concessions on the governance of the Digital Markets Act to obtain more ambitious obligations for gatekeepers, according to an internal note seen by EURACTIV.

EU legislators seek a way out of the impasse in DMA negotiations

Little progress was made in the second political trilogue on the Digital Markets Act on Thursday (4 February), but a breakthrough might soon be found by linking the negotiations with the Digital Services Act.
Technology 02-02-2022

LEAK: Data Act’s proposed rules for data sharing, cloud switching, interoperability

The Data Act proposal defines the rules for sharing data, conditions for access by public bodies, international data transfers, cloud switching and interoperability, according to a draft seen by EURACTIV.