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  • Croats reject gay marriage in referendum

    News | Social Europe & Jobs 02-12-2013

    Croats voted overwhelmingly in favour of defining marriage in the constitution as a "union of man and woman" yesterday (1 December), a move initiated by Roman Catholic groups but criticised by opponents as discrimination against homosexuals. The Commission declined to comment, saying that the issue of marriage is of national competence.

  • Ban on gay rights march could hurt Serbia’s EU candidacy

    News | Enlargement 05-10-2012

    Serbia's decision to ban this weekend's gay pride march because of security concerns has prompted criticism from EU officials who warn the the move undermines Serbia's potential accession to the European Union.

  • Media freedom, gay rights at stake in Ukrainian parliament

    News | Elections 03-10-2012

    The Ukrainian parliament yesterday (2 October) scrapped a draft law that would have made defamation a crime punishable by imprisonment, a move the opposition and media had feared was a step towards censorship before the parliamentary elections on 28 October.

  • Belgrade Gay Pride degenerates into mass riot

    News | Global Europe 11-10-2010

    The wider area of downtown Belgrade was the scene of rioting in the morning and early afternoon of Sunday (10 October), with anti-gay demonstrators clashing with police guarding a Gay Pride parade. BETA agency, EURACTIV's partner in Serbia, reports.