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Data protection 11-05-2022

France sees boom in personal data breaches in 2021

France has hit an all-time record in notifications of personal data breaches, up 79% from 2020, the latest report of France's data protection watchdog CNIL has found. EURACTIV France reports.
Technology 10-05-2022

UK to reform data protection, throwing EU adequacy ruling into doubt

The UK’s legislative agenda for the next year includes a data reform bill that could cast doubts on the future of the EU’s data adequacy ruling, the decision that continued to facilitate data transfers across the Channel after the UK left the bloc in January 2020.
Technology 04-05-2022

EU Commission explains Data Act’s legal implications to member states

In past weeks, the European Commission has been making a series of presentations, obtained by EURACTIV, to EU countries that have requested further clarity on how the new data law will apply and how it will interact with other legislation....
Technology 29-04-2022

Digital Brief: DSA agreement, upload filters safeguards, GDPR redress

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Digital Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.    “The DSA will upgrade the ground rules for all online services in the EU. It will ensure that the...
Data protection 28-04-2022

EU top court: Consumer groups can bring class actions for data protection infringements

The EU Court of Justice ruled on Thursday (28 April) that consumer groups can autonomously bring legal proceedings for alleged breaches of data protection rules as long as national law allows it.
Technology 21-04-2022

DMA: EU legislators resist pressure to change data provisions in the final text

Despite insistence from stakeholders, the final text of the Digital Markets Act (DMA), containing significant changes to a key data-related measure, will not be revised, according to a note seen by EURACTIV.
Technology 08-04-2022

Banning Dark Patterns – Far From a Light Task

Dark patterns refer to how internet platforms trick and deceive users into clicking on something they don’t want to do.
Data protection 25-03-2022

Biden, Von der Leyen, announce agreement ‘in principle’ on transatlantic data flows

US President Joe Biden and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen declared on Friday (25 March) the two sides had reached a political agreement on international data transfers, a move cautiously welcomed by industry and analysts.
Elections 15-03-2022

No French election campaign website is fully GDPR-compliant

French campaign websites fail to meet EU personal data protection standards, with President Emmanuel Macron's - who recently announced his re-election run - performing the worst. EURACTIV France reports.
Data protection 04-03-2022

Privacy activists launch new offensive against non-compliant cookie banners

The privacy activists that took down Google Analytics sent 270 draft complaints on Friday (4 March) to website operators who use cookie banners that do not comply with the EU data protection rules. The batch is the second of a...
Data protection 22-02-2022

Google Analytics’ competitors foretaste business boost following privacy debacles

Alternatives to Google Analytics could stand to benefit if the rest of the EU decides - like the Austrian and French data protection authorities already have - that the tool can no longer be used because it does not comply with EU privacy standards.
Data protection 08-02-2022

Habeck and Le Maire unfazed by Facebook’s withdrawal threats from the EU

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck and his French counterpart Bruno Le Maire seemed unimpressed on Monday (7 February) by digital giant Meta's threat of possibly withdrawing Facebook and Instagram from the EU, repeating that data should not be handed over without control.
Internet governance 02-02-2022

Europe’s most used consent system deemed incompatible with EU privacy rules

Belgium's data watchdog found that a popular mechanism for managing user preferences in Europe violates several General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provisions, and it requested advertisers to delete the collected data.
Data protection 11-01-2022

EU watchdog condemns Parliament over illegal data transfer from COVID website

The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) issued a reprimand to the European Parliament for violating the bloc's privacy laws on January 5.
Technology 07-01-2022

Digital Brief: Reynders leaves the fence, 2022 outlook, France gets big on curbing Big Tech

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Digital Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.    “We have not so far identified issues with the Irish data protection rules or have evidence that these rules...
Data protection 06-01-2022

French privacy watchdog fines Facebook and Google over cookie tracking rules

France's data protection watchdog known as the CNIL fined Facebook and Google €60 million and €150 million, respectively, on Thursday (6 December) in its latest crackdown against tech giants violating cookie tracking rules. EURACTIV France reports.
Data protection 05-01-2022

European Commission pushes back against calls for GDPR infringement procedure

For Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders, it is too early to assess whether the cooperation mechanism at the basis of the enforcement of the EU's privacy rules, the GDPR, is functioning correctly.
Technology 27-12-2021

2022: The turning point in EU’s digital policy

The EU's ambitious digital policies face a moment of truth in 2022. EURACTIV takes a closer look at what is coming up.
Internet governance 15-12-2021

Pornhub says French warnings over age limits ‘encroaches upon privacy of adults’

Pornhub has criticised France's broadcasting regulator for sending warnings on Monday (13 December) to five porn-hosting websites over easy accessibility for minors. According to the pornography giant, the decision "encroaches upon the privacy of adults" and ignores most of the industry that remains uncontrolled. EURACTIV France reports.
Data protection 29-11-2021

European Commission accused of maladministration over GDPR enforcement

The Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) filed a formal complaint against the European Commission before the European Ombudsman on Monday (29 November) for failing to monitor enforcement of the EU's data protection law, known as the GDPR, and not holding Ireland accountable.
Technology 25-11-2021

Narrowing Data Protection’s Enforcement Gap

Democratic governments around the world have decided that these data protection regulatory regimes are here to stay. Societies must now ensure that these laws lead to meaningful improvements on the ground.

Technology 09-11-2021

French AI strategy: Tech sector to receive over €2 bln in next 5 years

A total of more than €2 billion in public and private funding will be poured into French tech over the next five years to create future champions at the national and European levels, according to phase two of the national AI strategy presented by government ministers on Monday (8 November).
Politics 08-10-2021

Tweets of the Week: Pandora Papers, Facebook Down, Brdo Summit

Pandora Papers revelations hit their mark, world panics as Facebook goes dark, and not much happened in Brdo apart from the snark.
Data protection 14-09-2021

Cookies: French data protection watchdog welcomes increased compliance

Following on from its guidelines on the rules to be applied to cookies, the French data protection authority (CNIL) drew up on Tuesday (14 September) the results of its second campaign of formal notices sent to companies for non-compliance with the legislation on cookies.