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EU Priorities 2020 25-06-2014

Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy, Farage’s new group in the EU Parliament

Ukip leader Nigel Farage announced on Tuesday a name change for his eurosceptic European Parliament group. Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy will be the new name.
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Brexit 23-05-2014

UKIP Farage set to win EU election as Dutch anti-EU party loses ground

British and Dutch citizens went to the polls on Thursday to choose who will lead Europe for the next 5 years.
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Elections 11-09-2012

Dutch elections to test EU popularity amid euro crisis

After an election campaign dominated by the euro zone crisis, the Netherlands will go to the polls on Wednesday in what could be a decisive day for Europe. Caretaker Prime Minister Mark Rutte is currently leading the polls with 35 seats in the 150-seat parliament. His center-right, pro-austerity VVD party is expected to form a coalition government. However, the outcome of the election is still uncertain as many voters remain undecided.
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MEP’s condemn anti-immigration PVV website, Sarkozy

Members of the European Parliament on Tuesday urged the Dutch government to distance itself from the anti-inmigration website launched by the populist right-wing party PVV. The so-called anti-Pole site encourages Dutch people to report problems caused by Polish, Romanian and Bulgarian citizens. It has so far taken in more than 10000 reactions. During a plenary session in Strasbourg, the leader of the ALDE Group called on the Dutch PM Mark Rutte to condemn the "hatred" and "intolerance" that the website instigates.