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  • Experts: Rutte poised for second term in the Netherlands

    Elections 11-09-2012

    Dutch caretaker Prime Minister Mark Rutte is expected to once again form a coalition government after the general elections in the Netherlands on Wednesday (12 September), experts predict. However, the outcome of the election is still highly uncertain as many voters remain undecided.

  • Dutch crisis calls eurozone strategies into question

    Euro & Finance 24-04-2012

    The Dutch cabinet became the latest victim of the EU-imposed push for austerity, with liberal Prime Minister Mark Rutte presenting his resignation to Queen Beatrix yesterday (23 April). The case of the Netherlands, a triple A eurozone country which is becoming prey to the markets, is raising doubts about the 'fiscal compact' merits, experts warn.

  • Poll puts Rutte in lead as Dutch head for snap election

    Elections 23-04-2012

    As the Netherlands heads for early elections, Prime Minister Mark Rutte's Liberal Party has strengthened its lead, followed closely by two leftist parties, an opinion polls showed.


  • Belgian far-right emulates the Dutch xenophobic website

    Justice & Home Affairs 10-04-2012

    Vlaams Belang, a Belgian far-right party, launched a website today (10 April) that invites people to report crimes committed by illegal immigrants, mirroring a similar site in the Netherlands set up by the far-right Freedom Party.

  • Dutch government teeters over budget row

    Elections 29-03-2012

    The government of the Netherlands has narrowly escaped collapse as negotiations over deficit reduction have resumed between Mark Rutte's Liberal-Conservative coalition and Geert Wilders’s far-right Party of Freedom.

  • Dutch MPs vote to condemn PVV website

    Central Europe 28-03-2012

    The lower house of the Netherlands parliament has condemned a website set up by the right-wing Freedom Party (PVV), which invites Dutch citizens to denounce "nuisance" caused by Europeans from Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.

  • Romania seeks EU leadership debate on surge of ‘xenophobia’

    Justice & Home Affairs 16-03-2012

    EU leaders need to have a high-level political debate on the surge of 'xenophobia' and anti-European attitudes that threaten integration, Romanian Prime Minister Mihai R?zvan Ungureanu said during his first political visit to Brussels yesterday (15 March).

  • Verhofstadt rides on Dutch PVV debate to attack Sarkozy

    Justice & Home Affairs 14-03-2012

    Guy Vehofstadt, leader of the liberal ALDE group, said yesterday (13 March) that the recent verbal attacks by French President Nicolas Sarkozy on immigrants and the Schengen agreement were worse than the silence of the Dutch government over the discriminatory website of the Dutch Freedom party (PVV).

  • Dutch nationalist leader pushes anti-euro referendum

    Euro & Finance 08-03-2012

    Netherlands' Prime Minister Mark Rutte said he was "not yet convinced" by a report commissioned by nationalist leader Geert Wilders that the country would be better off if it would reintroduce the Dutch guilder, the Dutch media reported.

  • Xenophobic website ignites internet forums

    Justice & Home Affairs 15-02-2012

    A website launched by the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) to collect citizens’ complaints about Polish, Romanian and Bulgarian nationals has unleashed a flurry of comments on the Web. The EURACTIV network reports.

  • Dutch website causes stir in Central Europe

    Justice & Home Affairs 10-02-2012

    Dutch right-wing politician Geert Wilders has launched a website, inviting people to denounce Polish, Romanian and Bulgarian nationals causing 'nuisance' to the country's society. Sofia, Bucharest and Warsaw reacted with outrage. The EURACTIV network in Central Europe reports.

  • New Dutch coalition seeks to downplay populists’ influence

    Elections 29-09-2010

    Fearing an international backlash against the Netherlands for having a government that depends on the support of an outspoken anti-Islam party, the new Dutch minority coalition government is trying to downplay the influence of Geert Wilders' right-wing populist party PVV.