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Economy & Jobs 06-06-2022

EU urged to quickly adopt plan boosting gender equality on boards, as talks continue

EU lawmakers are working to strengthen the Commission’s proposal to ensure that women fill 40% of non-executive board seats of listed companies, while campaigners call for a swift adoption of the text before the end of the French presidency of the EU Council.

Germany debates bill to set gender quota on corporate boards

SPECIAL REPORT / A bill to introduce a quota for women in corporate leadership positions is up for approval in the Bundestag. Politicians, employees and unions are criticising the measure, saying it is full of gaps, even calling it unconstitutional. EURACTIV Germany reports.

EU leaders sideline gender parity at summit

?Appointing 40% of women to the Commission has become mission impossible, and it is legitimate to wonder whether the wind from the conservative corner isn’t blowing too loud in Europe, writes Maari Põim.

Bring women into the College!

The newly elected European Parliament has more female MEPs than ever in its history and the days when there was just one female member of the European Council are long history. Ten female out of 28 Commissioners is just the bottom line for the new Juncker Commission as there is no way the European Parliament will accept a College packed with testosterone, argues Piotr Maciej Kaczy?ski.

Business summit underscores EU’s broader gender deficit

Europe’s most influential business lobby will have its first female leader starting in July, but as BusinessEurope holds its annual summit over the next two days, men will dominate at the podium.
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EC Reding on gender balance

EU's Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding met with Accenture's Managing Director Markus Klimmer on Tuesday to discuss how best to improve gender balance on company boards.                                           

Gender equality requires tackling stereotypes

Gender stereotypes are crude simplifications about the character and behaviour of individuals based on their traditional roles and sexual characteristics. It's time the European Parliament brought more pressure to bear on the other EU institutions with a view to tackling this often veiled but highly damaging phenomenon, writes Kartika Liotard.

Commission puts gender quota plan on hold

The European Commission postponed a vote on a plan to force companies to allot 40% of their board seats to women by 2020 as lawyers questioned its legality under EU rules.