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Economy & Jobs 31-03-2021

Women at a breaking point: gender equality in the workplace

Stakeholders have urged the EU to continue with efforts on achieving gender equality in the workplace and pay special attention to women, who have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic and have seen the existing gender inequalities exacerbated by the ongoing crisis.
Global Europe 06-03-2020

German family minister wants to expand gender quotas for top jobs

German Family Minister Franziska Giffey of the Social Democrats (SPD) wants to expand the quota of women in the workplace to apply to supervisory and management boards. While coalition partners have criticised her plans, she remains determined not to give up on the potential of qualified women. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Economy & Jobs 21-11-2017

EU proposes two-year plan to close gender pay gap

The European Commission proposed a two-year plan on Monday (20 November) aimed at closing the gender pay gap after finding little improvement over the past five years.
Economy & Jobs 28-06-2017

Top women call for new economic mindset: ‘It’s gender, stupid!’

If EU countries stepped up their efforts to improve gender equality, more jobs would be created, GDP per capita would increase and society would benefit overall while weathering crisis more effectively.

Jourová: I got to the Commission because of a quota

Věra Jourová said she feels more comfortable working as a female member of the European Commission than she did as a Czech government minister.
David Cameron at Tetley factory

Britain to force companies to publish gender pay gap

Prime Minister David Cameron announced plans on Tuesday to force large companies to publish the difference in earnings between male and female staff in a bid to ensure equal pay.
EU Priorities 2020 29-01-2015

Georgieva to push for 40% women in Commission’s top positions

In a move to bring more gender balance to EU institutions, the European Commissioner in charge of budget and human resources, Kristalina Georgieva, promised to boost the number of women in top positions to 40% by the end of her mandate.

Gender equality and environment laws on business lobby hit list

EXCLUSIVE: EU legislation to ensure gender equality on company boards, to extend maternity leave, and to reduce air pollution and landfill should be killed off, a leading business lobby organisation has told the European Commission.
EU Elections 2014 12-05-2014

Swedish feminist party tipped for first EU Parliament seat

The Feminist Initiative (FI), a Swedish party, may win its first seat in the European Parliament, according to the latest opinion polls published in the national press.

MEPs back Reding in effort to crack glass ceiling

The European Parliament backed on Wednesday (20 November) the European Commission's proposal to increase the number of women in Europe's company boardrooms, which in 2013 stood at only 17.6% for non-executive boards.  

Merkel faces party rebellion over gender quotas

Chancellor Angela Merkel could suffer an embarrassing defeat in the Bundestag on 18 April if members of her centre-right coalition break ranks and back an opposition bill requiring German companies to hire more women executives.

Gender quotas: Bad for business or a ‘necessary evil’?

As Europe marks International Women's Day, politicians remain divided over a European Commission proposal to impose a 40% quota for women sitting on company boards.

Reding pushes 40% female quota on corporate boards

Three weeks after her initial plan to impose gender quotas on company boards met with strong opposition, EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding unveiled a new proposal. But this time it was criticised for being too weak.
Future EU 06-11-2012

Spain blocks male appointment to ECB board

Spain has blocked the appointment of Yves Mersch to the European Central Bank's executive board, delaying the process of filling a post that is critical to tackling Europe's debt crisis.

Reding in uphill fight over corporate gender quotas

EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding was in last-minute negotiations on Monday (22 October) to rescue her plan to boost gender diversity on corporate boards, officials said a day before she is to unveil proposals that face withering opposition within the European Commission and from some member states.

MEPs back quotas to get more women in boardrooms

The European Parliament yesterday (13 March) backed the European Commission’s pledge to create binding rules to increase the number of women in top jobs, if member states have not voluntarily taken action to redress gender imbalance in the workplace.

Reding jump-starts debate on gender quotas

EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding has kicked off a three-month debate that could result in more decisive legislative action, a year after she called on companies to take voluntary steps to increase the number of women on boards to 30% by 2015 and 40% by 2020.

Reding’s dilemma: To quota or not to quota?

Commissioner Viviane Reding is keeping everyone wondering about whether she will propose quotas on Monday (5 March) to fulfil the pledge she made a year ago to redress gender imbalance in listed companies’ boards.