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Why is the Commission ignoring women?

The European Commission had a ‘Strategy for Equality between Women and Men’ for the years 2010-2015, and a ‘roadmap’ for 2006-10. Yet the executive has no plan to turn these good deeds into concrete initiatives any time soon, writes Montserrat Mir.

Gender inequality persists in Europe

?SPECIAL REPORT / The glass ceiling has not disappeared. There are still too few women in leadership positions, writes V?ra Jourová.
Languages & Culture 02-05-2012

Women stereotypes: Time for a reflection within the media

As the European Union considers imposing binding quotas for women on companies' boards, similar instruments should also be envisaged for media boards, argues Klaus Heeger.

Germany must follow France and others by setting gender quotas on companies’ boards

To boost the number of women in high-level corporate positions, Germany must come up with mandatory law, following other European countries, like France, writes Margarete Hofmann, from the German Women Lawyers Association.