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Politics 09-01-2020

EPP think-tank says US should mediate in Mediterranean maritime spats

In today's edition of the Capitals, find out the latest regarding Turkstream, NATO troops in Iraq, Italy's crumbling pledge to solve the Libyan crisis by gathering the relevant actors around a table, and so much more.
Brexit 24-10-2019

Johnson demands December election, abandons ‘do or die’ Brexit promise

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday (24 October) abandoned his promise to take the UK out of the European Union at the end of October and instead set out new plans to force a general election on 12 December.
Brexit 02-09-2019

Johnson mulls snap election as MPs seek to block no-deal Brexit

Boris Johnson is moving closer to calling a snap election this week, if UK lawmakers adopt legislation aimed at preventing a No Deal Brexit.
Elections 06-06-2017

May under pressure over security as poll lead tightens

Prime Minister Theresa May has come under mounting pressure over security just days ahead of the UK’s general election. Her opponents say cuts she spearheaded as home secretary have left Britain more vulnerable to terrorism, after the country has been hit by three attacks in less than three months.
Lars Løkke Rasmussen
Elections 27-06-2015

Liberals form small, minority government in Denmark

Denmark's new prime minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, will on Sunday (28 June) announce that he will lead a liberal minority government over the next four years, as government coalition talks with other right-wing parties have collapsed.

Uranium a hot topic again, in Greenland

?The upcoming general elections in Greenland may see the country moving away from the idea of extracting and exploiting uranium, which the government voted in favour of just a year ago.
EU Elections 2014 15-09-2014

Reinfeldt steps down as Swedes vote for centre-left government

Sweden's centre-left parties won big gains in Sunday's (14 September) general elections. However, despite winning more than 30% of the votes, Stefan Löfven, the Social Democrats' leader and the country's next prime minister, will form a minority government in a hung Parliament after the far-right Sweden Democrats became the country's third-biggest party.
Sweden election
Elections 25-08-2014

Centre-left parties set to win Swedish elections

With three weeks left before general elections in Sweden, conservative Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, and the alliance of centre-right parties are heading towards a heavy defeat, according to the latest polls.  
Elections 27-08-2013

Norwegians say no to EU membership ahead of general election

Less than 20% of Norwegian voters want their country to join the European Union, according to a poll published ahead of a general election to be held on 9 September.
Elections 03-04-2013

New Greenland government vows changes for raw materials industry

The mining industry in Greenland can expect major changes, after general elections last month (12 March) brought a new government reluctant to hand out new oil drilling licenses.
Elections 06-09-2012

Dutch PM: Greece should not get more financial help

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the liberal party leader who is battling for re-election next week, says Greece should not get more financial aid from Europe.
Public Affairs 14-04-2010

Tories, Labour offer contrasting views on Europe

A Conservative government would "constructively engage" with the EU but introduce a 'referendum lock' on all future transfers of power from London to Brussels, while Labour would seek to preserve Britain's role as a "leading player in Europe," reveal the parties' manifestos, launched this week ahead of a general election due on 6 May. 
Elections 10-09-2009

Europe’s upcoming elections might tip political balance

Europe faces a slew of national elections in the coming weeks and the new coalitions will have an impact on tackling the economic crisis and making the crucial adjustments for reform.
Elections 21-08-2009

Merkel in pole position to win elections in September

Incumbent Chancellor Angela Merkel is in pole position to win next month’s German election, having seen her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its sister party the Christian Social Union (CSU) top polls for the third consecutive week, while the popularity of her main Social Democrat rivals has plummeted to one of its lowest pre-election levels since the Second World War.
Elections 16-10-2008

The case against a ‘grand coalition’ in Germany

Another 'grand coalition' between left and right following the 2009 elections in Germany would radicalise the political system, argues Eurointelligence director and associate editor of the Financial Times Wolfgang Münchau on the Eurointelligence website.
Global Europe 25-04-2008

Will the Real Serbia Please Stand Up?

The upcoming parliamentary and local elections in Serbia on 11 May 2008 will be crucial in deciding the country's future path - whether that is closer integration with the EU or recent political flirtations with Russia open up an alternative route, says a 23 April briefing paper from the International Crisis Group (ICG).
Elections 21-11-2007

Denmark’s election: a shifting landscape

Denmark's "government and people are in the midst of major social transitions", writes Ann-Christina Knudsen for Open Democracy.
Elections 05-11-2007

Poland’s generational shift

The 21 October election in Poland was of historical significance as it was the first in which the 18-year-old first-time voters were born after the end of communist rule in 1989, writes Krzysztof Bobinski for Open Democracy.
Med & South 16-05-2007

Resolving Ukraine crisis

An agreement to hold early parliamentary elections may be the compromise that resolves Ukraine's ongoing political crisis, writes Anna Górska in EastWeek newsletter.
Elections 07-05-2007

Turkish political crisis deepens

The only presidential candidate, moderate Islamist Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül, has pulled out of the Turkish elections, after the second round of votes failed in the parliament due to a boycott of the secularist opposition. The move comes as another blow to Erdogan's crisis-shaken government.
Elections 24-04-2007

Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül to run for president

The foreign minister has a good chance of being elected in the upcoming presidential vote in the parliament, with his moderate Muslim party, the AK, holding a majority in the lower chamber.
Elections 19-03-2007

Belgian commissioner returns to national politics

To participate in upcoming Belgian general elections on 10 June, Development Commissioner Louis Michel is being temporarily replaced by Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn.
Elections 05-03-2007

Centre-right party wins Estonian election

Prime Minister Andrus Ansip’s Reform Party gained the most votes in Estonia's general election on 4 March 2007. However, the continuation of the current government coalition remains uncertain.
Med & South 23-01-2007

EU urges formation of pro-European government in Serbia

Foreign ministers would like to see the future Serbian government committed to a European course and urge further co-operation with the international community on Kosovo.