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Elections 16-10-2008

The case against a ‘grand coalition’ in Germany

Another 'grand coalition' between left and right following the 2009 elections in Germany would radicalise the political system, argues Eurointelligence director and associate editor of the Financial Times Wolfgang Münchau on the Eurointelligence website.
Global Europe 25-04-2008

Will the Real Serbia Please Stand Up?

The upcoming parliamentary and local elections in Serbia on 11 May 2008 will be crucial in deciding the country's future path - whether that is closer integration with the EU or recent political flirtations with Russia open up an alternative route, says a 23 April briefing paper from the International Crisis Group (ICG).
Elections 21-11-2007

Denmark’s election: a shifting landscape

Denmark's "government and people are in the midst of major social transitions", writes Ann-Christina Knudsen for Open Democracy.
Elections 05-11-2007

Poland’s generational shift

The 21 October election in Poland was of historical significance as it was the first in which the 18-year-old first-time voters were born after the end of communist rule in 1989, writes Krzysztof Bobinski for Open Democracy.
Med & South 16-05-2007

Resolving Ukraine crisis

An agreement to hold early parliamentary elections may be the compromise that resolves Ukraine's ongoing political crisis, writes Anna Górska in EastWeek newsletter.