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Agrifood 08-11-2021

Industry, NGOs clash over role of genetics in agricultural transition

While the French seed industry, the government, and the European Commission agree on the need to develop crop varieties further, NGOs have warned of risks linked with deregulating new genomic techniques.

EU debates biopiracy law to protect indigenous people

The European Parliament is debating a draft biopiracy law requiring industry to compensate indigenous people if it makes commercial use of their local knowledge such as plant-based medicines.

Biomedical research faced with ‘bottleneck’

The development of new drugs is slowing to a temporary standstill, according to medical research experts, who say harmonising Europe's fragmented network of biobanks could help unclog the bottleneck.
Health 17-11-2005

EU-wide regulatory framework for advanced therapies

The Commission answers to industry's urgent need for a single, farmework for gene, cell and tissue-based therapies by proposing an integrated legal framework for all advanced therapies.

Ministers uphold national GMO bans

EU environment ministers voted, on 24 June 2005, with a large majority against a Commission proposal to allow eight types of genetically modified crops for use in the Union.