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Agrifood 10-07-2019

Has Europe lost the new biotechnology battle?

The EU's rules on GMOs risk stifling innovation in biotechnology and could lead to China and the US increasing their patent domination, writes Marcel Kuntz.
Public Affairs 16-11-2005

Talk science with, not to public, experts agree

In a debate on "Communicating science-based debates with stakeholders", speakers from NGOs, industry and the media agreed that a more pro-active approach was needed to create credibility for science-based policy making.
Agrifood 12-02-2001

Human genome discovery: the political challenge

Publication of first physical map of human genome gives fresh impetus to current ethical and political debate on new life sciences
Agrifood 29-01-2001

Rice genome decoded

Scientists say mapping of rice genome could ease malnutrition by improving varieties of rice and other crops
Agrifood 14-12-2000

World-first in plant genome sequencing funded by Europe

Supported by a European research grant of 26 million Euro, the first full sequencing of a plant genome has been completed
Agrifood 17-11-2000

EU reinforces genomics research

EU launches an initiative to reinforce European activities in genome research related to human health.

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