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Switzerland puts geoengineering governance on UN agenda

No longer the preserve of science fiction, climate-hacking technologies may need international oversight, say backers of draft resolution. EURACTIV's media partner Climate Home News reports.
Climate change 10-09-2012

Climate change expert calls for geoengineering and nuclear ‘binge’ to avert global warming

A leading British academic has called for accelerated research into futuristic geo-engineering and a worldwide nuclear power station "binge" to avoid runaway global warming.
Development Policy 19-07-2012

Dumping iron at sea can bury carbon for centuries, study shows

Dumping iron into the sea can bury carbon dioxide for centuries, potentially helping reduce the impact of climate change, according to a major new study. The work shows for the first time that much of the algae that blooms when iron filings are added dies and falls into the deep ocean.