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EU Elections 2014 08-10-2013

Who is ultimately responsible for EU immigrants?

Europe’s asylum issue is clouded by a north-south divide between EU member states. As some of them face mounting economic, political and security pressures, unilateral decisions will become increasingly frequent, and so the question arises: who is ultimately responsible for Europe’s immigrants?
Central Europe 03-12-2010

Central European fears and the German ‘question mark’

Central European countries are worried about their security – but while Russia may be the obvious threat, Germany's changing role and its warming relations with Moscow are troubling Warsaw and other capitals, writes the Geopolitical Diary at global intelligence company Stratfor.
Public Affairs 30-11-2010

WikiLeaks and American diplomacy

Little in the way of surprise or revelation has come out of the WikiLeaks cables, writes the Geopolitical Diary at Stratfor.