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Europe's East 16-02-2016

The EU has no leaders

The EU is an apparatus, and that is not something people can trust, writes George Friedman, comparing the US presidential election with the crisis of leadership elsewhere in the world.
Brexit 05-02-2016

Is the EU finished if the British leave?

Those who say that if the British leave, the EU is finished are right. Not because Britain is an indispensable member, but because for other members, sovereignty matters too, writes George Friedman.
Global Europe 28-01-2016

Why does Patrushev warn of an American plot against Russia?

Coming from Nikolai Partushev, a senior Russian official, and former head of the intelligence service close to President Vladimir Putin, statements about an American plot against Russia have to be taken seriously, writes George Friedman for Geopolitical Futures.
Global Europe 22-01-2016

Germany is the poster child of an accident waiting to happen

Export-oriented Germany is the poster child for an accident waiting to happen, according to a review of countries most affected by the ongoing global economic slowdown,  George Friedman writes in Geopolitical Futures.
Europe's East 15-01-2016

George Friedman: The EU will exist and sink into irrelevance

American political scientist and author and former chief intelligence officer George Friedman told EURACTIV that “the EU has failed, but there is no clear alternative”.
Enlargement 15-01-2016

George Friedman: The EU is increasingly unreliable and unpredictable

The United States has a partnership with Europe, but it can no longer think of NATO as the mechanism by which it is related to Europe, George Friedman told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Brexit 06-05-2015

How British elections represent the state of Europe

The UK election matters not because of who wins, but because of how the marginal parties will influence British strategy on Europe and the existence of the UK itself, writes George Friedman. 
"I am Charlie", the slogan of solidarity.
Languages & Culture 08-01-2015

Paris attack underscores a deeper malaise

Wednesday's deadly attack against a French satirical publication has the potential to upset relations between European states and their Muslim citizens, writes George Friedman.
Europe's East 19-12-2013

Ukraine: On the Edge of Empires

By engaging in Ukraine, the Russians are not trying to recreate the Russian empire, as many believe. They want a sphere of influence, which is a very different thing, and do not want responsibility for Ukraine or other countries, writes George Friedman.
Global Europe 26-09-2013

The thin US-European relationship

There is talk of the trans-Atlantic relationship. It is not gone, nor even frayed. Europeans come to the United States and Americans go to Europe and both take pleasure in the other. But the connection is thin, writes George Friedman.
Global Europe 04-09-2013

Syria’s military intervention: A comedy in three acts

US President Barack Obama was forced to walk a tightrope over Syria after he was drawn into calling for a military intervention after France, Britain and Turkey called for action. Now he has to deal with being a reluctant coalition leader, writes George Friedman.
Trade & Society 05-06-2013

Why an EU-China trade war is unlikely

Escalated tensions between the European Union and China over solar panel tariffs is not going to cause a trade war. These disputes are short-lived, even if they are expected to continue in the coming years, explains George Friedman.
Euro & Finance 13-05-2013

Geopolitical journey: Europe, the glorious and the banal

Analysing Europe's economic crisis it is worth realising that today’s Europeans have entered a phase of history where the buccaneering spirit has left them. “The desire for knowledge has separated itself from the hunger we have for wealth and glory”, writes George Friedman.
Trade & Society 04-03-2013

Europe, unemployment and instability

Countries with relatively low wages ought to have a competitive advantage over German exports. However, many have negative balances of trade, writes George Friedman.
Euro & Finance 04-01-2013

Europe in 2013: A year of decision

If the Europeans do not generate a solution to the financial crisis in 2013, it is time to seriously doubt whether a solution is possible and therefore to think about the future of Europe without the European Union or with a very weakened one, argues George Friedman.
Global Europe 07-11-2012

US Election: Gridlock and foreign policy

The United States held elections, and nothing changed. Barack Obama remains president. The Democrats remain in control of the Senate with a non-filibuster-proof majority. And the Republicans remain in control of the House of Representatives, writes George Friedman.
Elections 19-06-2012

Voters push the EU in the wrong direction

The outcome of Greece's 17 June election disappointed Europe not because of the choice it made, but because the country was crippled with indecision, says George Friedman. The analysis was first published by Stratfor.
Elections 29-05-2012

The Egyptian Election and the Arab Spring

Westerners have underestimated the extent of the support for the military regime in Egypt and the degree to which anti-Mubarak demonstrators were committed to Western-style democracy rather than a democracy that represented Islamic values, writes George Friedman.
Global Europe 15-05-2012

France’s European and global strategy

  Though a Socialist, François Hollande’s relations with Angela Merkel are likely to remain within the framework of France’s long-term ‘Gaullist’ strategy of maintaining European power in the world and French influence in Europe, argues George Friedman.
Global Europe 06-12-2011

Egypt serves as a case study of an inherent contradiction in Western ideology

What if there are democratic elections and the people choose a regime that violates the principles of Western human rights? What happens if, after tremendous Western effort to force democratic elections, the electorate chooses to reject Western values and pursue a very different direction? George Friedman, leading expert at Stratfor, the US intelligence consulting firm, offers a view on recent development in Egypt.