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Brexit 19-12-2016

UK seeks transitional EU trade deal to avoid Brexit ‘cliff edge’

The United Kingdom may need a transitional agreement to smooth its exit from the European Union but it should not "buy back" into too many of the bloc's regulations, British trade minister Liam Fox said on Sunday (18 December).
Climate change 31-10-2016

Carbon Capture and Storage – EU climate policy’s gaping hole

Carbon Capture and Storage has suffered numerous setbacks in Europe, but its deployment is essential to keeping CO2 levels within manageable levels and to the attainment of the Paris climate goals, warns Chris Davies.
David Cameron
Brexit 13-09-2016

David Cameron quits politics

Britain's former prime minister David Cameron resigned his seat in the House of Commons yesterday (12 September), less than three months after losing an EU referendum in which he had campaigned to stay in the bloc.
Brexit 06-07-2016

Germany warns of EU tax race after Osborne’s 15% plan

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble warned on Wednesday (6 July) of an EU-wide tax war, with states cutting their corporate tax rates, in the wake of Brexit and the UK’s announcement it will cut rates to 15%.
Brexit 04-07-2016

Farage quits as UKIP leader, saying ‘my ambition is achieved’

The UK’s tumultuous vote to leave the EU saw another party leader resign on Monday (4th July), as UKIP’s leader Nigel Farage announced he was stepping down, declaring “my political ambition has been achieved.”
Brexit 04-07-2016

Osborne plans to cut corporate tax to cushion Brexit blow

British finance minister George Osborne plans to slash corporation tax to under 15 percent to tempt businesses to stay following the country's shock vote to leave the European Union, the Financial Times reported Sunday (3 July).
Brexit 28-06-2016

George Osborne: Minister of ‘fear’

Finance minister George Osborne, who ruled himself out of the race to be Britain's next premier Tuesday (28 June), played a key role in warning against Brexit, heading a campaign rivals dubbed "Project Fear".
Euro & Finance 28-06-2016

UK political confusion puts world markets on edge

Britain's vote to leave the European Union continued to reverberate through financial markets, with the pound falling to its lowest level in 31 years, despite government attempts to relieve some of the confusion about the political and economic outlook.
Brexit 24-06-2016

Britain and EU facing Brexit as ‘Leave’ lead with most results in

Britain and Brussels were waking up early Friday to the likelihood of a Brexit, as UK voters appeared to have voted to leave the 28-member bloc, in a move which threw the future of both into a period of unpredcedented uncertainty.
Brexit 23-06-2016

Polls close – Britain, EU and the world hold breath

Polls have closed in the UK’s referendum on leaving the EU - leaving an overnight wait until the result of one of the most significant events in the 28-member bloc’s history.
Brexit 16-06-2016

Leave camp sails the Thames as Berlin warns on Brexit

A Brexit fishing flotilla sailed up the River Thames yesterday (15 June) ahead of next week's knife-edge referendum over EU membership as Germany warned a British departure could start Europe's "disintegration".
Brexit 13-06-2016

Brexit could destroy the UK as we know it

The implications for the imminent referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union are huge and wide-ranging - they really couldn’t be any greater, writes Sajjad Karim.
Brexit 17-05-2016

Dust settles after Boris Johnson’s comparison of EU to Hitler

Former London mayor Boris Johnson's comparing the EU to Adolf Hitler highlights how Britain's in/out referendum campaign is growing increasingly bitter, with six weeks to go and polls suggesting a dead heat, experts said yesterday (16 May).
George Osborne
Brexit 18-04-2016

Osborne sees major damage for UK economy in case of Brexit

Britain's exit from the European Union could see its economy shrink by six percent by 2030 and cause "permanent" economic damage, the country's finance ministry will say in an analysis due out on Monday, according to media reports.
Brexit 22-03-2016

‘Civil war’ in Britain’s Conservatives hurts pro-EU finance minister

The row over Europe inside David Cameron's Conservative party may have thwarted the ambitions of staunchly pro-EU finance minister George Osborne to succeed him as prime minister.
Climate change 22-03-2016

European mayors urge clampdown on diesel emissions

The mayors of 20 European cities including Madrid, Paris and Copenhagen, but excluding London, have called for more stringent regulations to be put in place across the continent to tackle the deadly levels of air pollution caused by diesel vehicles. EURACTIV’s partner edie.net reports.
Euro & Finance 27-02-2016

Brexit will shock world economy, warns G20

A potential British exit from the European Union would be a "shock" that ranks among rising downside risks and vulnerabilities for the world economy, G20 finance ministers said Saturday (27 February) after a meeting in China.
Brexit 15-01-2016

Juncker ‘quite sure’ Brexit deal will be done at February summit

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Friday (15 December) that he was "quite sure" the EU and Britain would reach a deal at February’s summit on London’s renegotiation demands to stay in the bloc.
Climate change 16-12-2015

The early success of COP21

The Paris climate conference largely succeeded on its first day in global participation, low carbon innovation and carbon pricing, writes Professor Michael Grubb.
Brexit 11-12-2015

IMF warns of uncertainty around Brexit vote

A referendum on whether Britain should leave the European Union would create economic uncertainty, IMF chief Christine Lagarde said in a report Friday, adding she hoped the country would remain in the bloc. 
Brexit 07-12-2015

George Osborne: A climate villain?

The British government's cancellation of £1 billion to develop carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a broken promise that calls into question UK ministers' commitment to reduce emissions, writes Chris Davies.
Brexit 20-11-2015

MacShane: The people will want to give Europe a kicking in the referendum

Denis MacShane was the UK's Minister for Europe under Tony Blair, and one of the most pro-European politicians of his generation - yet even he fears Britain is heading for a 'Brexit'.
Brexit 10-11-2015

Cameron to put UK’s ‘Brexit’ demands in writing

The British Prime Minister David Cameron will table his four key demands for the UK’s continued membership of the EU on Tuesday (10 November), in make-or-break negotiations which will see the country vote on whether to stay or leave the bloc by the end of 2017.
Brexit 03-11-2015

Osborne makes Berlin Brexit negotiation plea

British Chancellor George Osborne took the UK’s argument for a renegotiated relationship between his country and the EU to the capital of the continent’s strongest economy on Tuesday – promising to back a stronger eurozone if London’s conditions were met.