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Health 03-06-2016

Greek smoking ban ineffective

Nearly nine years after it became law, Greece is still struggling to implement a smoking ban in public spaces.
Euro & Finance 07-11-2011

What is Papandreou’s real agenda?

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou's decision for a referendum on the bailout package that shook-up the EU and the international community was based on the ignorance of the effects of their political actions that most dynasty leaders have, argues Florian Pantazi.
Elections 03-11-2011

Cornered Papandreou ditches referendum plan

Fighting for his political survival, Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou abandoned tonight (3 November) his idea for a referendum on the hard-fought deal by eurozone leaders to save his country from bankruptcy. EURACTIV Greece contributed to this article.
Development Policy 04-03-2010

Greece’s austerity plan paves way for bailout

Greece's draconian austerity measures announced yesterday (3 March) may pave the way for European Union government aid, easing fears that Greece could lose its ability to borrow from debt markets at affordable rates.
Euro & Finance 02-03-2010

EU urges Greece to agree new austerity plan

The European Union urged Greece yesterday (1 March) to agree new austerity measures in the coming days to tackle a fiscal crisis that has shaken the euro zone and promised to help Athens overcome its debt problems.