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Future EU 11-04-2018

Merkel gathers bickering German ministers for ‘policy camp’

Chancellor Angela Merkel gathered her new cabinet for a two-day retreat on Tuesday (10 April), seeking to forge some team spirit among ministers already squabbling after just a month in office.
Air Quality 13-02-2018

Germany’s energy and climate policy is taking shape

The coalition agreement between the German Conservatives and the Social Democrats outlines a relatively ambitious energy policy. EURACTIV’s partner Le Journal de l’environnement reports.
Elections 12-02-2018

Merkel defends coalition concessions, says ‘younger people’ needed in government

Angela Merkel on Sunday defended "painful" concessions she has made to the Social Democrats (SPD) to win a fourth term as German chancellor and said criticism among her conservatives was not a sign her authority was waning.
Elections 08-02-2018

German analyst: ‘The coalition agreement has more of Juncker than Macron’

In the draft of the German coalition agreement presented on Wednesday by the CDU/CSU and the SPD, the parties want to pursue a “departure for Europe” in the next four years. EURACTIV Germany spoke to Matthias Kullas about the European policy aspects of the draft text.
Future EU 17-01-2018

Eurogroup head hails German coalition blueprint for eurozone reform

The Eurogroup's new president, Mario Centeno, has welcomed eurozone reform proposals agreed by Germany's two biggest parties in preliminary coalition talks.
Elections 11-12-2017

German conservatives reject ‘United States of Europe’ ahead of coalition talks

Senior members of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives on Saturday (9 December) rejected the vision for a "United States of Europe" put forward by the Social Democrats (SPD), with whom they are hoping to form a governing coalition.
Elections 18-10-2017

As obstacles to ‘Jamaica’ keep mounting, Europe needs patience with Berlin

For three weeks, Germany’s politics have been frozen while we awaited the result of regional elections in the northwestern Bundesland Lower-Saxony over the weekend. Angela Merkel may now be wishing politics would remain frozen, writes Olaf Boehnke.
Elections 11-09-2017

Schulz spells out conditions for coalition government

Chancellor Angela Merkel's Social Democrat (SPD) challenger said on Sunday (10 September) his party would not form any alliances after the 24 September election unless fair wages, free education, secure pensions and a commitment to a democratic Europe were guaranteed.
Elections 11-12-2015

Gabriel raps Merkel for boosting France’s National Front

The leader of Germany's Social Democrats (SPD) accused Chancellor Angela Merkel today (11 December) of fuelling support for France's far-right National Front by insisting on tighter budgets during the eurozone crisis.
Elections 31-03-2014

Push for energy diversification puts German coalition to the test

A debate over whether Germany needs to rethink its energy strategy, and reduce its dependence on Russian gas imports, is causing tensions within Chancellor Angela Merkel's right-left coalition.
Development Policy 10-01-2014

High official resigns after Germany freezes development funding

German MP Sascha Raabe resigned from his post as development spokesman on Tuesday (7 January) after his party agreed to freeze development funds during coalition negotiations. EURACTIV Germany reports.

EU anti-terror law puts German coalition to the test

Chancellor Angela Merkel's new grand coalition is in disagreement over the implementation in Germany of the EU's Data Retention Directive, decided years ago in the wake of the terrorist attacks in London and Madrid. EURACTIV.de reports.