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Transport 26-08-2014

German coalition partners clash over motorway toll

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) and their Bavarian coalition partner have clashed in an unusually public spat over plans to introduce a motorway toll that critics say is designed to fleece foreigners.
Elections 19-05-2014

Social Democrats pledge to curb German arms exports

German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel has vowed a much more cautious approach to licensing arms exports, unnerving the sizeable defence industry and signalling a change in policy from the previous coalition government under which sales rose.
Elections 27-11-2013

Coalition deal signals continuation of Merkel’s EU policy

The coalition agreement, announced earlier today (27 November), shows high awareness of European expectation for the new German government. Yet, the EU chapter of the deal reads like a compulsory exercise buried under domestic policy, EURACTIV.de reports.
Elections 27-11-2013

‘Grand coalition’ deal sealed in Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives and the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) reached a deal early on Wednesday on forming a "grand coalition" after wrangling through the night, meaning she should be able to form a government by Christmas.

German parties agree to introduce quota for women on boards

Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives and the Social Democrats (SPD) agreed on Monday (18 November) to introduce legislation requiring German companies to allot 30% of their non-executive board seats to women from 2016.
Elections 18-11-2013

German coalition talks enter convincing game

Angela Merkel's conservatives and Germany's Social Democrats have forged a political marriage before and know each other's ways, but as a new "big day" approaches, they are having to work hard to convince sceptical party members and the business world that they should give it another go.
Elections 13-11-2013

German parties urge referendums on major EU decisions

German parties negotiating a coalition deal have recommended holding nationwide referendums for major decisions on Europe in what would be a dramatic shift in policy, but Chancellor Angela Merkel looks likely to quash the proposal.
Elections 04-11-2013

SPD wants wage floor, dual citizenship included in German coalition deal

Germany's Social Democrats (SPD) will not agree to a "grand coalition" with Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives without agreement on core issues including labour market reforms and expanding dual citizenship, its leader said.
Elections 22-10-2013

Germany’s SPD backs coalition talks with Merkel, sets terms

Leaders of Germany's Social Democrats (SPD) won a green light from their party to start coalition talks with Angela Merkel on Sunday (20 October), after promising to wring concessions from the chancellor on a minimum wage, equal pay and infrastructure investment.
Elections 16-10-2013

Germany’s Greens rule out further coalition talks with Merkel

Germany's Greens ruled out any further coalition talks with Angela Merkel's conservatives early on Wednesday, leaving the chancellor to focus on discussions with the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) in her efforts to form a new government.
Elections 11-10-2013

Germany’s Merkel, Greens agree second round of exploratory talks

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's victorious conservatives and the Greens party agreed on Thursday to hold further talks on forming a first-ever federal government between the long-time adversaries, party officials said.

Germany refuses to take in more refugees

As the human tragedy near the Italian island of Lampedusa prompted calls to rethink the EU’s immigration policy, the German Interior Minister rejected any suggestion that his country should accept more refugees. EURACTIV.de reports.
Elections 04-10-2013

Merkel starts ‘grand coalition’ talks

Angela Merkel holds preliminary talks with the Social Democrats (SPD) today (4 October) to sound out the scope for compromises to form a "grand coalition", marking the start of complicated horse-trading that could drag on into next year.
Elections 25-09-2013

Goulard: German liberals were punished for abandoning the EU

French liberal MEP Sylvie Goulard said that the German liberal FDP party, which failed to pass the 5% threshold for returning to the Bundestag in last Sunday’s elections, had been punished for “having lost their European commitment”.
Elections 24-09-2013

Don’t expect leap in German EU policy: analysts

Analysts say it would be wrong to expect a bold leap forward in the German leader's eurozone strategy, even if Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU does end up, as expected, in a coalition with the staunchly pro-European Social Democrats (SPD), giving her a dominant majority in parliament.
Elections 23-09-2013

German elections launch Schulz towards Commission presidency

The German elections have propelled the firebrand social democrat Martin Schulz, the present European Parliament President, into pole position to be the Party of European Socialists candidate to succeed to José Manuel Barroso as Commission President, EURACTIV has learned.
Elections 19-09-2013

German anti-euro party inches up in polls, upsetting Merkel’s conservatives

A new German anti-euro party has for the first time cleared the 5% threshold for entering parliament in an opinion poll, indicating that Chancellor Angela Merkel might be unable to repeat her centre-right coalition after Sunday's federal election.
Central Europe 13-09-2013

ECB ‘interested’ in bailing out Slovenia

The European Central Bank is interested in Slovenia applying for aid from the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), the eurozone's bailout mechanism, according to German business daily Handelsblatt.
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Economy & Jobs 12-09-2013

European Commission on a potential bailout for Slovenia

The European Central Bank is interested in Slovenia applying for aid from the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), the euro zone's bailout mechanism, according to German business daily Handelsblatt. Slovenia has been in recession since last year and is struggling to avoid an economic bailout. On Friday Slovenian officials said they would liquidate two small banks to ensure the financial stability of its banking system.
Elections 09-09-2013

Germany must rethink its strategy as it cannot remain healthy amid a sick Europe

It would be naive to believe that Germany's economy can stay healthy while much of the rest of the continent is "sick". So, as Peer Steinbrück and the SPD demanded repeatedly, it is in Germany's interest to finally rethink its strategy and boost growth writes Jo Leinen MEP.
Elections 09-09-2013

The German election: What’s in it for Europe?

As German election day approaches, the outcome and coalition formed in its aftermath will have an impact on the country's positions on European issues. Roland Freudenstein ponders which are the likely post-election scenarios and what they mean for Europe.
European Commissioner for Energy Günther Oettinger with Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard
Trade & Society 04-09-2013

Oettinger advises Germany on fracking, warns of climate overacting

Germany should not dismiss gas fracking technology that has boosted US industry, nor unilaterally overexpose itself to climate protection efforts, European Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger said on Tuesday (3 September).
Elections 28-08-2013

Former German president faces corruption trial

Former German President Christian Wulff will go on trial in November on corruption charges, more than 18 months after the man once tipped as a successor to Chancellor Angela Merkel resigned from the largely ceremonial role in disgrace.
Elections 21-08-2013

Greece’s third bailout rocks German election campaign

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble said on Tuesday (20 August) for the first time that Greece will need another bailout, triggering a storm of protest from opposition parties five weeks before an election in Europe's biggest economy.