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  • Merkel kicks off election campaign

    News | Elections 15-08-2013

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel launched her re-election campaign yesterday (14 August) by presenting herself to voters in this mediaeval town in the heart of Germany as a safe pair of hands who would steer the country through crisis and ensure continued prosperity.

  • ‘Foreigner toll’ makes waves in German election squabble

    News | Transport 13-08-2013

    A political proposal to impose road tolls on foreign car drivers has become a feature of the German election campaign, but the European Commission made clear yesterday (12 August) that it would not accept any measure which amounts to discrimination on the ground of nationality. EURACTIV Germany contributed to this article.

  • Merkel accused of lying about the risk of third Greek bailout

    News | Elections 12-08-2013

    German opposition parties accused Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday (11 August) of lying before elections next month about the risks of a new bailout for Greece, after a magazine reported the Bundesbank expects it will need more European aid in early 2014.

  • German elections 2013: Don’t mention Europe

    Policy Brief | Elections 06-08-2013

    The European Union’s economic and financial challenges left the bloc in no doubt that its most populous member state is also its most politically powerful. On 22 September 2013, Germans will decide in a federal election whether that power remains within its current ruling conservative coalition led by incumbent Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), or whether to entrust it to the Social Democrats or a new coalition. In the run up to the elections, Europe has largely remained off the agenda.

  • Opposition leader seeks left-left alliance against Merkel in German elections

    News | Elections 05-08-2013

    The leader of Germany's Left party urged the Social Democrats (SPD) on Sunday (4 August) to rethink their ban on a left-wing alliance as an opinion poll showed the three opposition parties could narrowly beat Chancellor Angela Merkel in the 22 Septebmer election.