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Brexit 03-10-2016

As Theresa May tries to buy Tory peace Brexit politics heats up

Theresa May’s has spent nearly every waking moment since leaving university thinking about her Conservative Party to which she has devoted all her life, writes Denis MaShane.
Elections 23-09-2013

What Merkel’s victory means for Europe

With Sunday's victory Angela Merkel now has the chance for a fresh start on Europe. Whatever coalition emerges following the election, the chancellor shouldn’t squander her victory, writes Judy Dempsey.
Elections 05-09-2013

Green is the new black

German chancellor Angela Merkel’s best bet for a stable third term could very well be a coalition with the Green Party, writes Kevin Lees.
Elections 29-04-2013

German scepticism is the euro’s next big challenge

The arrival of the Alternative for Germany party will be primarily at the expense of the governing coalition and could even spell the end of Angela Merkel's chancellorship, writes Joerg Forbrig.
Elections 30-10-2009

Germany after the elections: A liberal dawn?

The German elections "have shifted the country towards the right," but despite the outcome, “the German electorate did not vote for radical change" and instead opted "for clarity and for an end of the unpopular grand coalition government," writes Timo Behr, a researcher at the Finnish Institute for International Affairs in an October paper. "As a result, tomorrow's Germany is unlikely to differ radically from that of today," he opines.  
Elections 16-10-2008

The case against a ‘grand coalition’ in Germany

Another 'grand coalition' between left and right following the 2009 elections in Germany would radicalise the political system, argues Eurointelligence director and associate editor of the Financial Times Wolfgang Münchau on the Eurointelligence website.
Elections 02-03-2006

Analysis: The European Policy of Germany’s New Government

In this article of the Quarterly  "Integration"of the Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP), Hartmut Marhold analyses the first few month of the new German governments' European Policy.