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Economy 01-12-2022

Clean Tech Europe, the EU’s answer to the Inflation Reduction Act?

Ahead of EU-US consultations, Single Market Commissioner Thierry Breton has launched a platform to take stock of the challenges facing Europe’s clean tech industry. Far from concrete, it promises neither funding nor legislation.
Economy 29-11-2022

Berlin proclaims (European) ‘year of industrial policy’

Berlin and Brussels say they are ready to respond to the growing global challenge posed by dedicated industrial policies now favoured by major powers, like America's Inflation Reduction Act.
Energy 29-11-2022

Germany inks first major gas deal with Qatar

QatarEnergy and the American company ConocoPhillips signed a 15-year contract to deliver two million tonnes of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Germany, news welcomed by Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck.
Energy 28-11-2022

Paris and Berlin set aside differences on ‘renewable’ vs ‘low-carbon’ hydrogen

Germany and France appear to have set their differences on hydrogen regulation aside as part of wider efforts to resolve simmering tensions between the EU’s two largest countries.
Energy 28-11-2022

The final details of Germany’s €99 billion energy support scheme

The German government agreed on the final details of its flagship energy support scheme to reduce energy bills for households and businesses, with finance coming from a tax on windfall profits made by energy companies.
Politics 24-11-2022

How Putin changed Germany

The war in Ukraine has forced the German government to reconsider many of the plans that it presented a year ago when the "traffic light" coalition was first taking shape.
Enlargement 22-11-2022

Moldova warns of acute crisis as powers pledge more support

Moldova warned its people on Monday (21 November) to brace for a harsh winter as it was facing an "acute" energy crisis which risked stoking popular unrest with Russia's war in Ukraine threatening its energy supplies and prices surging.
Global Europe 21-11-2022

Germany to offer Poland Patriot system after stray missile crash

Germany has offered Warsaw the Patriot missile defence system to help it to secure its airspace after a stray missile crashed in Poland last week, Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht told a newspaper on Sunday (20 November).
Energy 21-11-2022

Twice as expensive: The high cost of Germany’s floating LNG terminals

Desperate to reduce its reliance on Russian gas, Germany’s speedy construction of infrastructure and leasing of floating LNG terminals may cost much more than initially assumed, Spiegel reported.

Berlin to create dedicated electricity price subsidy for heat pumps

To meet the German target of six million heat pumps by 2030, upcoming government support for consumer gas and electricity bills will include a special provision for heat pumps so as not to upset those who already invested in them.

Boost for Germany’s heat pump makers as industrial policy meets climate action

The heat pump industry, the new darling of the German government, must grow rapidly to achieve the 2024 target of beginning the installation of 500,000 pumps a year, which Berlin is happy to assist in.

The Brief — Meet your new gas supplier: Berlin

When Germany took full control of Gazprom Germania, the European subsidiary of the Kremlin's gas arm, it symbolically ended the country's 52-year gas entanglement with Russia. However, few realised that it would make Berlin Europe's new major player and supplier in the energy world.
Energy 15-11-2022

Germany inaugurates first new LNG terminal 

The German government inaugurated its first floating terminal on Tuesday (15 November), built in record time and intended to receive liquefied natural gas as part of Berlin's plan to replace Russian gas, with the first regasification ship set to dock in mid-December.
Global Europe 14-11-2022

Germany warns its delegation of Egyptian spies at COP27

German federal police have warned their nation's delegation at the COP27 environmental summit in Egypt that its members may be subject to spying by Egyptian security agents, three people with knowledge of the matter said.
Energy 14-11-2022

Activists rejoice as Berlin announces exit from controversial energy treaty

After a late Friday deal, the German government has announced its intention to withdraw from the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT), following similar decisions in other large EU countries, which left activists jubilant.
Politics 10-11-2022

Ocean Viking: The first real diplomatic crisis between France and Italy?

France denounced on Thursday (10 November) Italy's "incomprehensible and unacceptable" attitude in refusing to welcome the migrants on board the Ocean Viking ship, at sea for more than 15 days, creating the first diplomatic crisis between the new governments of the two countries.

EU executive accelerates green household heat, forgoes large-scale systems

Faced with an energy crisis, the European Commission has presented an emergency regulation to speed up permitting processes across the EU, which has already drawn criticism for not including district heating and industrial-size heat pumps.
Global Europe 10-11-2022

Putin will not attend G20 summit in Bali, says Indonesian official

Russian President Vladimir Putin will not attend a gathering of leaders from the Group of 20 (G20) nations in Bali next week, an Indonesian government official told Reuters on Thursday (10 November).

Scholz ups global hydrogen ambitions, dwarfs EU initiative

Speaking in Egypt, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced extra funding for the government’s global hydrogen funding instrument, H2Global, in order to facilitate the global market ramp-up.

Chip shortage adds to Europe’s heat pump supply woes

Europe’s move away from gas towards heat pumps, which suffers from various bottlenecks, is subject to another scarcity that may impact production volumes: the global chip shortage.
Economy 03-11-2022

German wage restraint could endanger eurozone stability

With inflation numbers still increasing, the German government is promoting wage restraint to prevent a wage-price spiral. However, this strategy might come at the expense of eurozone stability.
Economy 03-11-2022

Germany’s wounded chemical industry causes concern in Berlin

The deteriorating state of Germany's chemical industry is causing concern at the highest political level, as the German government readies its €200 billion aid package for households and businesses.
Global Europe 01-11-2022

Germany warns Serbia: Choose between EU and Russia

Germany has cautioned Serbia against cultivating deeper ties with Russia, warning that it could thwart its bid to join the European Union, a German government source said on Tuesday (1 November).
Agrifood 01-11-2022

Germany tightens animal transport rules, urges EU-wide follow-up

Germany will further restrict the transport of live animals to countries outside the EU, but without EU-wide regulation, the Agriculture Ministry's push could remain ineffective.