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2014 EuroPhilantopics

EuroPhilantopics is the annual event for foundations and EU institutions to come together and consider the challenges facing people and communities in the next 5-10 years, with a view to collaborating on shared agendas and gaining more in-depth knowledge of issues, which they can then make use of when considering policy, strategy and funding in the coming years. EuroPhilantopics, which included sessions on sessions on migration, employment, the circular economy and the economics of change, took place during the European Foundation Centre’s 25th Anniversary week, from 3-7 November.

Acupuncture and swimming pools: A helicopter’s view of foundations and policy

In advance of its annual EuroPhilantopics event, which brings together philanthropists and EU policymakers to address the opportunities and challenges facing Europe in the next decade, the EFC’s Chief Executive Gerry Salole argues that foundations’ niche is playing the role of skilled acupuncturist.
Ludwig Forrest and Gerry Salole

No European philanthropic union just yet

Member states’ tax regimes hinder cross-border philanthropy in Europe, write Gerry Salole and Ludwig Forrest.

Foundations chief: Common EU statute could save €100 million

A common European statute for public-interest foundations could help these organisations tackle cross-border problems and save up to €100 million, says Gerry Salole from the European Foundation Centre.