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Fabian Picardo
Brexit 30-05-2016

Gibraltar’s chief minister on Brexit… and monkey Viagra?

Gibraltarian politicians are campaigning for the UK to stay in the EU in next month's referendum, but Gibraltar's First Minister Fabian Picardo said the outcome won't affect the territory's relationship to Britain.
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Brexit 26-01-2015

Gibraltar wants to stay in EU even if UK pulls out

The Deputy Chief Minister of Gibraltar told EURACTIV that the small territory has established an independent mission in Brussels to represent its interests at a fraught moment in its history. The relationship with Spain -- which contests the sovereignty of the rock -- has worsened, with traffic queues now commonplace as a result of what Mr Garcia described as unjustified customs checks. But the UK's fractious relationship is also raising fears for Gibraltar's future were the UK to pull out of the EU. Were that to happen, he explained, the rock would seek to remain within the UK, and the EU. 
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Brexit 15-11-2013

EU: Spanish controls at Gibraltar border do not break law

The European Commission said on Friday that there is no evidence Spain broke EU law by imposing tight controls at its border with Gibraltar, urging both sides to act to ease bottlenecks that strained relations between London and Madrid.
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Brexit 26-08-2013

European Commission on Gibraltar’s artificial reef

British overseas territory Gibraltar could open its waters to Spanish fishermen again by October, its chief minister was cited as saying on Friday (23 August), offering a chance that the dispute with Spain – which lays claim to the rocky outpost – might be nearing resolution. The dispute broke out last month after Gibraltar's construction of an artificial reef using concrete blocks in the bay off the tiny territory. Gibraltarian authorities say the move was necessary to help marine life recover from overfishing.