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Elections 30-01-2015

Italy fails to elect president in first round of voting

Italian lawmakers failed to elect a new president in a first round of voting on Thursday (29 January), leaving Prime Minister Matteo Renzi hoping to push through his candidate only in a fourth round, when the required threshold of votes is lower.
Elections 14-01-2015

Italian President Napolitano resigns

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano handed in his resignation as head of state today (14 January), leaving Prime Minister Matteo Renzi with the politically delicate task of finding a successor.
Elections 17-12-2014

Italian President hints at retiring in January

Giorgio Napolitano, Italy's 89-year-old president who helped to guarantee the country's political stability during a period of upheaval, hinted on Tuesday he might retire early next year.
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Barroso: Renzi is a committed European

After Italy's Prime Minister Enrico Letta resigned on Friday after his Democratic Party (PD) called for him to step aside to make way for a new government, President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso said that the EU executive “ remains confident in Italy's willingness and capacity to pursue its reform and consolidation efforts.”
Global Europe 02-10-2013

Italy’s government faces confidence vote as support for Berlusconi frays

Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta will today (2 October) seek support in the Italian parliament to continue at the head of a solid government next year, amidst increasing dissent within Silvio Berlusconi's People of Freedom party (PDL) against the former prime minister’s attempt to collapse Letta’s government.
Elections 25-04-2013

Italy’s Enrico Letta asked to form government

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano yesterday (24 April) asked centre-left politician Enrico Letta to form a new government, signalling the end of a damaging two-month stalemate since elections in the eurozone's third largest economy in February.
Elections 22-04-2013

Napolitano re-election paves way for new Italian government

The re-election of Giorgio Napolitano as Italy’s president has ended a two-month political gridlock and paves the way to a possible new government within days.
Elections 06-03-2013

Italian president mulls another technocrat government

President Giorgio Napolitano is considering appointing a new technocrat government led by a non-politician as one way out of Italy's political stalemate, Italian officials said yesterday (5 March).