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Global Europe 04-07-2022

EU has huge potential for closer partnership with Latin America, study says

While Latin Americans perceive the EU as the preferred partner to tackle many evolving global challenges, the EU has so far largely neglected the region, according to a new representative study by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.
Global Europe 27-06-2022

Western leaders gear up against Chinese influence

To tackle the growing influence of China and its belt and road initiative, Western leaders launched a Western counter-initiative worth $600 billion to lessen the Chinese economic grip on low- and middle-income countries.

As EU seeks to rival China’s infrastructure offer, Africans are sceptical

When the EU launched its global gateway initiative earlier this month, it was pitched as a greener and more transparent alternative to China’s belt and road. 
Global Europe 01-12-2021

EU unveils €300bn global investment scheme as part of the West’s response to China

The European Commission unveiled on Wednesday (1 December) a plan to invest €300 billion by 2027 in infrastructure, digital and climate projects around the world to strengthen Europe's supply chains, boost EU trade and help fight climate change.