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Coronavirus 19-05-2020

EU backs WHO as its members agree to independent probe of COVID-19 outbreak

World Health Organisation member states agreed on Tuesday (19 May) to an independent probe into the UN agency's handling of the coronavirus crisis. The agreement came with an EU-brokered resolution that called for multilateralism and was in stark contrast to US criticism of the body's actions during the pandemic.
Global Europe 24-03-2020

UN chief calls for ‘immediate global ceasefire’ amid COVID-19 pandemic

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for a global truce in the world's conflict zones on Monday (23 March) in order to protect vulnerable civilians from the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.
Global Europe 13-03-2020

Beyond human toll, coronavirus could shake up global politics

Thousands of people have died, the US response has infuriated European allies, and China has gone on a propaganda offensive. The new coronavirus is shaping up to be a cataclysmic event with far-reaching consequences in global politics.
Global Europe 22-02-2013

EU-US trade deal: Creating a new world order

The world order has changed in the course of the financial crisis and with it, enhanced the consolidation of a new arena of world politics in which superpowers somewhat urgently seem to hunt for new allies to rescue their well-being, says Gabriele Suder.
Global Europe 04-11-2011

Former envoy says Europe, China ‘must tame each other’

EU and China have complementary assets to team up and push the world economic governance in the right direction, but they first have to tame each other, said former EU Ambassador Paul Trân Van Thinh in an interview with EURACTIV, as China prepared to discuss a bailout package for the euro at the G20 in Cannes.
Global Europe 03-11-2011

The EU offers useful tool for the G20

There a clear mismatch between G20 meeting agreements and their implementation afterwards, and the new global governance tool could benefit from the EU's experience of the Open Method of Coordination, argues Henning Meyer from the London School of Economics and Political Science.
Global Europe 08-06-2011

Time to reform UN Security Council, says GA chief

If the United Nations is to retain its credibility, countries must stop talking and start hard negotiations on reforming the Security Council to reflect new political realities, said Joseph Deiss, president of the UN General Assembly, in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.
Global Europe 04-04-2011

The EU’s role in global governance

A growing number of international institutions and agreements are attempting to tackle the world's major challenges: economic, environmental or security. What is the EU's role in this emerging world order?