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Climate change 21-12-2018

With climate change, life in the Gulf could become impossible

In the second half of the century, most of the territory bordering the Gulf, Red Sea and Arabian Sea could experience “wet bulb temperatures” making outdoor activities practically impossible, writes Jonathan Gornall, warning this could create social upheaval on the grandest of scales.
Climate change 06-12-2018

Sustainable finance now tops industry’s agenda

The climate targets of the EU and UN have moved sustainable financing to the top of the agenda of the finance industry. This means banks and investors are called upon to provide green incentives and become more involved in saving the planet, writes Karl Ludwig Brockmann.
Climate change 11-07-2018

EU should aim for net-zero emissions by 2040 to fight global warming

Keeping global temperature rise to 1.5°C is critical - and still possible. But it means the EU should aim to reach net-zero emissions by 2040, writes Andrea Kohl.
Climate change 18-01-2018

IPCC 1.5°C report: A clarion call for EU action on climate

A leaked draft of the IPCC's forthcoming report on keeping global warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius gives reason to hope that the target is attainable. But only if urgent action is taken immediately, warns Dr Bert Metz.
Climate change 06-04-2017

Make climate planning part of an economy-wide strategy

The EU must radically improve its climate and energy plans if the Paris Agreement is to be anything more than a missed opportunity, write Geneviève Pons and Imke Lübbeke.
Health 08-07-2016

Tackle air quality for the climate and public health

The links between climate change and public health are staggering. By implementing clean air policies, governments can save lives and cut health costs while mitigating climate change, writes Génon Jensen.
Climate change 09-12-2015

Below 1.5 degrees target is only way to provide a safe future

Europe must stand by vulnerable nations and support the 1.5 degrees global warming target in the Paris agreement, writes Emmanuel De Guzman.
Energy 09-01-2015

Capture the carbon

The only way to limit global warming to less than two degrees is to combine renewable energy and energy efficiency with a large expansion in the use of carbon capture and storage, writes Christian Friis Bach.
Climate change 20-09-2012

Get used to ‘extreme’ weather, it’s the new normal

Scientists have been warning us for years that a warmer planet would lead to more extreme weather, and now it's arrived, writes Connie Hedegaard.
EU Priorities 2020 27-03-2009

Germany in 2009

While Germany successfully managed its dual presidency of the European Union and G8 in 2007, a year later the country stands accused of making weak and contradictory commitments on many issues, particularly foreign and social policies, write Claire Demesmay and Hans Stark in a March paper for the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI).
Development Policy 10-06-2008

Climate change: The latest global developments

An unprecedented rise in global temperatures due to man-made climate change is releasing unnatural levels of CO2 into the earth's atmosphere, according to Léa Malebranche of Total Energies. Her spring 2008 paper argues that it is time for governments to initiate changes in human behaviour to stop this trend.
Development Policy 12-10-2007

Are the polar ice sheets collapsing?

Global temperatures are likely to continue increasing for the next 100 years and far beyond unless there are "dramatic changes in human behaviour", writes glaciologist Robert H Thomas for Environmental Research Web.
Development Policy 09-10-2007

Climate change: a huge challenge for international diplomacy

Establishing a new international climate change regime after the expiry of the Kyoto Protocol in 2012 "will only be possible if countries like China or India" are involved, writes Karl-Heinz Florenz MEP in the October newsletter of Parliament's climate change committee.

Carbon Trading – a critical conversation on climate change

This book, published by Sweden’s Dag Hammarskjold Foundation, argues that carbon-trading schemes are “both ineffective and unjust” and will only prolong the world's dependence on fossil fuels.

Analysis: The different paths to climate protection

A recent conference held by German think-tank, Ecologic, debated the best means of tackling the problem of global warming, comparing the Kyoto Protocol with other international initiatives such as AP6.