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Global Europe 27-06-2022

Biden urges G7 to stay together as leaders target Russian gold, oil price

US President Joe Biden told allies “We have to stay together" against Russia on Sunday as G7 leaders gathered for a summit dominated by war in Ukraine and its impact on food and energy supplies and the global economy.
Global Europe 27-06-2022

Russia steps up missile strikes on Ukraine as G7 leaders gather

Russian missiles struck an apartment block and close to a kindergarten in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv on Sunday, in strikes US President Joe Biden condemned as "barbarism" as world leaders gathered in Europe to discuss further sanctions against Moscow.
Global Europe 21-06-2022

EU leaders to keep sanction pressure on Russia, gold flagged as new target

European Union leaders aim to maintain pressure on Russia at their summit this week by committing to further work on sanctions, a draft document showed, with gold among assets that may be targeted in a possible next round of measures.
Development Policy 08-11-2016

Global Witness: Conflict mineral import loopholes would pay for 6,000 AK-47s

Europe’s efforts to promote more transparent and responsible mineral supply chains now risk being undermined by a series of loopholes carefully branded as "import thresholds", writes Michael Gibb.
Central Europe 27-08-2015

Polish city wants army’s help in securing ‘Nazi gold train’

City authorities in Wa?brzych, in southwest Poland, stated on Thursday (26 August) that they now know the supposed location of a fabled missing WWII Nazi German train, but that they will not proceed without state help. Radio Poland reports.
People walk in front of a banner for the gold initiative at the main train station in Zurich [Reuters]

Swiss reject new curbs on immigration, boosting gold reserves

Swiss voters overwhelmingly rejected proposals yesterday (29 November) to boost gold reserves and impose strict new curbs on immigration, averting a potential nightmare for policymakers struggling with a popular backlash against the country's open borders.