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Eastern Europe 20-07-2021

Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova seek acceptance of their EU membership perspective

A summit between Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova in the Georgian Black Sea city of Batumi culminated on Monday (19 July) with the signature of a declaration calling for the EU to acknowledge the perspective of these countries to become full EU members one day. EURACTIV reports from Batumi.
Development Policy 29-11-2017

EU-Africa summit seeks jobs, stability for exploding population

More than 80 African and European leaders will gather in the Ivory Coast today (29 November) to promote jobs and stability for Africa's exploding population, with some calling for a new "Marshall Plan."
EU-Africa 15-11-2017

International pressure ramps up over Liberia election delay

The European Union yesterday (14 November) joined an international chorus urging Liberian political parties and its electoral commission to end "unnecessary delays" and elect a new president.

Press freedom: How the EU struggles to match action with values

Press freedom is a reliable barometer of the state of democracy. But the EU’s failure to live up to its own standards undermines its influence on the rest of the world, argues Jean-Paul Marthoz.
Europe's East 26-08-2015

Ukraine’s anti-corruption bureau is in fact anti-constitutional

Despite the high appraisal of the new anti-corruption legislation of Ukraine by international organizations, an in-depth legal analysis shows that it is in fact unconstitutional, write Victor Solovyov and Roman Rukomeda.
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Development Policy 23-07-2015

INFOGRAPHIC: Curbing illicit financial flows is a resource for Africa

Over the last 50 years, Africa is estimated to have lost in excess of $1 trillion in illicit financial flows (IFFs). This sum is roughly equivalent to all of the official development assistance (ODA) received by Africa during the same timeframe. Currently, Africa is estimated to be losing more than $50 billion annually in IFFs.
Europe's East 23-07-2015

Ukraine’s road to reform

The EU must support Ukraine’s efforts at political and economic reform and help the country on its way to prosperity, argue David Lidington and Konrad Pawlik. 
Development Policy 21-11-2014

Record-breaking survey: World should prioritise education and health

So far, more than 5 million people from all over the world have replied to a survey, called MyWorld2015, conducted both online and on paper, the preliminary results of which show that good education and better healthcare are considered to be the two main priorities to boost development.
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Digital & Media 24-04-2014

What’s next for e-democracy?

The Internet has brought about opportunities for citizens to get involved in democracy and policymaking. Is there real appetite for e-democracy and online participation, or is it outweighed by reluctance or apathy, Jan Malinowski asks.
Energy 10-04-2014

Good governance is vital to realising the EU’s 2030 clean energy ambition

If the EU is serious about decarbonising its economy, Europe needs a new climate and energy act, argues Sharon Turner.
Public Affairs 09-10-2013

Political elites: Does perception meet reality?

Political careers are becoming increasingly shorter and the revolving door between politics and the private sector spins ever faster. So is governance benefiting from ‘fresh ideas’? Or is the public in fact worse off in the long run?, asks Tomi Huhtanen.
Development Policy 21-02-2013

Sub-Saharan Africa ‘freedom and democracy’ rankings inch up

Sub-Saharan African countries have seen major advances in freedom and democracy, according to the report “Freedom in the world 2013” presented in the European Parliament yesterday (20 February).
Med & South 23-02-2011

What role for the EU in reforming the southern Mediterranean?

Thanks to the recent political upheaval in North Africa the EU has rediscovered the area, writes Eberhard Rhein in his latest blogpost. However, it will take years to make up for past neglect and help countries to address the crucial issue of democratic governance, he argues.

Corruption a catalyst for global water crisis, says report

Corruption in the water sector is the "root cause" of the current global water crisis and is undermining efforts to develop a global response to climate change and the food crisis, according to a report published yesterday (25 June) by Transparency International.

Administrations identified as main obstacles to mobility

Existing EU law intended to facilitate the mobility of labour and the free circulation of people in Europe is not being applied by local, regional, national and even EU authorities, citizens at a forum in Brussels found.

Report: risk communication needs stakeholder involvement

A report on the EU-25’s national risk-communications practices recommends involvement of stakeholders in the risk-management process.
EU Priorities 2020 26-07-2004

Strengthening OLAF, the European Anti-Fraud Office

In this report, the UK House of Lords EU committee analyses the main changes being proposed by the Commission to improve OLAF's effectiveness.
EU Priorities 2020 26-07-2002

A premium for good governance

  A premium for good governance Institutional investors in companies based in emerging markets claim to be willing to pay as much as 30 percent more for shares in companies that are well-governed. Do these investors mean what they say?...