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Brexit 10-11-2017

EU concerned about slow-moving Brexit talks

The EU warned Britain on Thursday (9 November) that time is running out to reach a divorce deal by the end of the month, a necessary step to guarantee moving the Brexit process on to trade negotiations.
Development Policy 21-04-2017

UK’s May promises to keep 0.7% aid spend target if she wins election

British Prime Minister Theresa May promised Friday (21 April) to keep the UK’s aid spending at 0.7% of GDP if – as appears likely – her ruling Conservative party win the upcoming snap election.
Brexit 19-12-2016

London Mayor appoints former EU Commissioner to Brexit think-tank

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has appointed former EU Trade Commissioner and Labour grandee Peter Mandelson to a panel of business and financial leaders advising on Brexit that also includes the City of London's policy chief and the head of the London Stock Exchange.
Brexit 28-06-2016

George Osborne: Minister of ‘fear’

Finance minister George Osborne, who ruled himself out of the race to be Britain's next premier Tuesday (28 June), played a key role in warning against Brexit, heading a campaign rivals dubbed "Project Fear".
Brexit 17-06-2016

Brussels NGOs united in mourning for former colleague Jo Cox

The news of the brutal murder of British MP Jo Cox slowly filtered through the closing ceremony of the Brussels European Development Days conference last night (16 June) – an event which, as a former head of Oxfam, she would have felt entirely at home at.
Brexit 17-06-2016

US group: Alleged killer of British MP was neo-Nazi supporter

The alleged killer of British lawmaker Jo Cox was a "dedicated supporter" of a neo-Nazi group based in the United States, a civil rights group reported Thursday (16 June).
Brexit 26-05-2016

European Commission declares war on Brexiteer Johnson

Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, and his head of cabinet, Martin Selmayr, attacked Boris Johnson on Thursday (26 May), a leader of the campaign to convince UK referendum voters to leave the EU.
Brexit 25-05-2016

Gordon Brown calls for EU migration cash to sway undecided Brexit voters

Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown today (25 May) called for European cash for towns and cities struggling to cope with the refugee crisis, in a bid to convince 14 million undecided Brexit referendum voters to back staying in the EU.
Brexit 22-04-2016

Ex-UK premier makes ‘patriotic’ case against Brexit

Former British prime minister Gordon Brown said Thursday he was setting out a "patriotic" case for Britain to remain in the EU, in his first intervention on the looming referendum.
Brexit 19-04-2016

Study: Brexit would leave EU more anti-nuclear, pro-financial transaction tax

A ‘Brexit’ would leave behind a more left-wing EU, keener on business regulation and a financial transaction tax and more anti-nuclear, according to research published today (19 April).
Development Policy 13-03-2015

Universal education will cost €20.7 billion a year, says Unesco

Ambitions to achieve universal education and improve teaching quality in the world’s poorest countries will be jeopardised, unless the $22bn (€20.7bn) funding needed every year is found, a UN agency has warned. 
Brexit 10-03-2015

Brown: Brexit would leave UK like North Korea

Britain would become like North Korea with “few friends” and “no influence” if it leaves the EU, according to former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.
Brexit 08-09-2014

Scottish independence advocates take lead ahead of 18 September vote

Supporters of Scottish independence from Britain have taken their first opinion poll lead since the referendum campaign began, indicating a real possibility that they might win, according to a YouGov survey for the Sunday Times.
Global Europe 29-03-2011

G20 undermined by ‘mini-lateralism’, says Brown

Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has warned that the G20 summits' effectiveness is being undermined by "mini-lateralism". 
Brexit 11-05-2010

Brown to quit in bid to keep Labour in power

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown said on 10 May he would step aside this year, sacrificing himself to try to give his Labour Party a chance of forming a government with the smaller Liberal Democrats.
Brexit 06-05-2010

Voting begins in ‘photo finish’ UK election

Britons began voting on Thursday in what is forecast to be the closest election since 1992, with the Conservatives struggling to convert their opinion poll advantage into an outright majority.
Brexit 30-03-2010

Economy key battleground in UK election

With a general election expected in early May, making life easier for small businesses is moving to the top of the political agenda. The Conservatives are promising to reverse an increase in national insurance, while Labour takes credit for saving the banks and the Liberal Democrats claim to have foreseen the crisis.
Brexit 19-02-2010

Brown pledges to steer UK into EU mainstream

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown will today (19 February) pledge to keep Britain "in Europe's mainstream" if re-elected this year, criticising the more Eurosceptic stance of a Conservative opposition expected to win power come May.
Brexit 09-06-2009

Former MEP: UK far-right success ‘won’t last’

The election success of the far-right British National Party (BNP) does not signal a major shift to the right in UK politics, according to former British Labour MEP Richard Corbett, who lost his seat to the BNP in last weekend's European election.
Brexit 04-06-2009

British, Dutch lead the way in EU vote

The European Parliament elections officially began this morning as British and Dutch voters hit the ballot box first in a poll which is expected to reflect broad public concerns over governments' handling of the global economic slowdown.
Euro & Finance 25-03-2009

BoE chief calls for Brown caution on global stimulus

Ahead of the G20 meeting in London next week, the head of the Bank of England (BoE), the UK's central bank, called for caution over attempts by Prime Minister Gordon Brown to get other European countries to agree to come up with additional stimulus packages to kick start the world economy.
Brexit 09-06-2008

UK millionaire tries to defeat Lisbon Treaty in court

A British businessman is taking the UK government to court today over its refusal to hold a referendum on the EU Treaty. The move adds to the feeling of uncertainty about the EU's future, with the 'yes' and 'no' camps neck-and-neck ahead of the Irish referendum on 12 June.