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Future EU 16-07-2018

Left-right ideological divide remains relevant in Western Europe

Despite the rise of populist parties, right-left division remains relevant, particularly on issues such as immigration and the role of the government, according to a study by the American think tank The Pew Research Centre. EURACTIV.fr reports.
Development Policy 30-05-2017

Development expert: ‘Haiti would be better off without international aid’

Haiti is one of many poor countries where international aid has failed to fulfil its objectives. Despite billions of dollars being pumped in, little has changed since the disastrous earthquake of 2010, Joel Boutroue told EURACTIV France.
Energy 17-07-2015

Starting again on Energy Union governance

The future governance system for the Energy Union needs to be about collectively addressing and responding to the risks that Europe's energy systems face, write Jonathan Gavanta and Quentin Genard.
European Commission building's banner on Energy Union
Energy 25-02-2015

Will EU states play ball on Energy Union?

EU policymakers have unveiled plans for an Energy Union, hailing it as the biggest energy shake-up for more than half a century. Experts told EURACTIV that governance will be a sticking point. Member states will have to play ball for the project to be a success. 
Oliver de Schutter.

UN official: EU needs to encourage social movements

The European institutions need to break out of their “formalist” approach to governance, instead facilitating diversity and collective learning, if they wish to gain the trust of citizens and build sustainable societies, argues Olivier de Schutter, the winner of last year’s Francqui Prize, one of Belgium’s most prestigious science awards.
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EU experts looking for clarity in EU information

In a workshop held at EURACTIV's headquarters, EU experts gave their thoughts on making the data on EU affairs more accessible and making the process more efficient. 
Health 08-10-2013

Good governance seen as key to resilient healthcare systems

SPECIAL REPORT / Poor responses to budget cuts during the crisis have left many national healthcare systems in a bad state but they can still be shock-proofed for the future, according to policymakers who argue that stronger governance is the key to resilience.
Brexit 10-10-2011

Commission to test ’28th-regime’ for online sales law

The European Commission has reached the limits of what ‘full harmonisation’ of rules in the single market can achieve, and will test the waters with a "28th-regime" for its new sales law contract proposal this week, according to the EU's Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding.
Enlargement 11-06-2010

Perception of corruption in Western Balkans ‘increasing’

Corruption weighs heavily on peoples' minds in the Western Balkans and the general perception in the region is that it is increasing in both the public and private sectors, observed speakers at an event hosted by Gallup House yesterday (10 May).
Public Affairs 06-12-2006

‘EU Presidencies always arrive so suddenly’

Expectations of the German EU Presidency are high. Nevertheless the German Federal government seems not to be well prepared. This article by Chritian Arns published in politik&kommunikation examines why and stresses the importance of effective communication for the Presidency.
Public Affairs 05-12-2006

Governance in the Brussels network

In this article published by politik&kommunikation, Korbinian Frenzel examines the importance of networks as an engine for politics, enterprises and organisations. He concludes that they do have a greater impact on political day-to-day business and are more influential in Brussels than other European capitals.
Public Affairs 25-10-2006

Media survey stirs debate on perception of EU actors

A new survey presented by EURACTIV and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) raise a debate on the relationship of EU actors and the media. The poll and subsequent discussions show that there is still room for improvement.  
Future EU 13-06-2006

Interview with Daniel Spoel on a roadmap for a new “EU social contract”

Daniel Spoel is member of the European Permanent Forum for Civil Society. EURACTIV talked to him about "Plan B: Changer la gouvernance européenne," in which he and four colleagues present a roadmap for the redefinition of the European project.
EU Priorities 2020 10-05-2006

National parliaments to scrutinise new EU policies?

At the inter-parliamentary debate on the future of Europe, MEPs and members of national parliaments agreed that there is a need for national parliaments to be more involved in European policy-making.
Public Affairs 03-03-2006

Analysis: The Commission’s White paper on European communication policy – a new start of European co

In the article "The Commission's white paper on European communication policy - a new start of European communication?", published by CAP aktuell, Sarah Seeger analyses strengths and weaknesses of the white paper.

Political scientists and researchers to advise the Commission

The Commission has established a new external advisory group to provide the commissioners with objective and impartial advice on EU policies. 

The role of scientific information in policymaking

A report published by an independent think-tank points to the weaknesses in the use of science by EU institutions responsible for risk management. 
Sports 22-10-2004

The People’s Game? Football, Finance and Society

This book, entitled 'The People’s Game? Football, Finance and Society' (2003, Palgrave), provides a wide-ranging study of some of the concerns currently at the heart of debates about the governance and structure of club football in Europe. The author, Stephen Morrow, is a chartered accountant and a member of the Institute for Sports Research at Stirling University.
EU Priorities 2020 01-08-2003

White Paper on European Governance

The Commission adopted its White Paper on European Governance in July 2001 with the aim of establishing more democratic forms of governance at all levels - global, European, national, regional and local. The White Paper forwards a set of proposals focussing on the role of the EU institutions, better involvement, better regulation, and the contribution the European Union can make to world governance. Most of the Commission's governance reforms are to be implemented immediately under the exiting treaties. These efforts are to complement the phase of institutional reform launched by the Laeken Declaration of December, 2001, continuing with the Convention on the Future of the European Union, and culminating in the Intergovernmental Conference of 2004. Some of the initiatives proposed in the Commission's White Paper may be taken forward in the preparation of treaty amendments.
EU Priorities 2020 06-05-2003

Greek Presidency to table compromise on EU administrative reform

After strike action and tensions in the Council over Commission plans for administrative reform with particular respect to pension rights, the Presidency has announced it will table a compromise to end the stand-off.
Future EU 15-04-2003

Swedish report reveals labyrinth of committees in EU system

A report published on 11 April by a Swedish political scientist has revealed that more than 1300 expert groups are at work in the opaque world of EU policy formation and agenda-setting in the European Commission.
Security 20-03-2003

Spying on the EU Council: Bugs found in telephone lines

Electronic bugging devices have been found in offices used by German, French and Belgian delegates to the European Council.

No clear “owner” of CSR within companies, says a recent study

A recent study conducted by the Pielle Consulting Group surveyed 200 companies about their CSR and corporate governance practices. The study will officially be launched at an upcoming international conference of the World Council for Corporate Governance.
EU Priorities 2020 13-12-2002

Commission sets guidelines for public consultations

On 11 December, the Commission established general principles and standards applicable to public consultations of interested parties.