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Cybersecurity 06-05-2022

Germany still not affected by Russia-linked cyberattacks

Germany has not been affected by cyberattacks that can be traced back to Russia, the government has confirmed, despite other EU countries experiencing a sharp increase. However, this may be due to how Germany defines such attacks. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Industrial Strategy 27-08-2021

Is German industry at risk of falling behind in digitalisation?

The German economy is in danger of falling behind in Industry 4.0, digital association Bitkom warned in one of its position papers published on Thursday (26 August). The paper warns that failing to digitalise the industry could have a serious impact on both growth and employment. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Politics 14-07-2021

Spain’s new ‘feminist’ cabinet starts work on recovery

Spain’s most “feminist” executive in the Iberian country’s history started its work with the economic recovery topping the agenda officially on Tuesday, EURACTIV’s partner EFE reported.
Climate change 01-07-2021

French Council of State gives government 9 months to get in line with climate objectives

France's top administrative court condemned the government's failure to comply with the Paris Agreement and fight global warming on Thursday (1 July), giving it nine months to get in line with the climate objectives it signed up to. EURACTIV France reports.
Climate change 16-12-2020

Macron and the citizens’ convention divided on climate issues

French President Emmanuel Macron spoke with members of the Citizens' Climate Convention on Monday (14 December). Although his announcement of a potential referendum on climate and environment made a lot of noise, the heated debate revealed continuing tensions between citizens and the executive. EURACTIV France reports.
Future EU 09-07-2020

Coronavirus, pension reform and more – what France’s new PM has said so far

France's new prime minister, Jean Castex, shed some new light on his government team, coronavirus, pensions and unemployment insurance reform in just his second interview since his appointment on 3 July. EURACTIV's partner, Ouest-France reports.
Politics 07-07-2020

French government reshuffle: Environment to be key priority

France's post-municipal election reshuffle was announced on Monday (6 July) by the Secretary-General of the Elysée Palace, Alexis Kohler. The new Prime Minister Jean Castex from conservative party Les Républicains (LR) confirms his right-wing orientation while signalling he will put the environment at the centre of his priorities. EURACTIV France reports.
Coronavirus 23-04-2020

Spanish government criticised over handling of health crisis

The Spanish government has been repeatedly criticised for its management of the COVID-19 health crisis, with the latest rebuke regarding the rules for children going outside. EURACTIV's partner EFE reports.
Elections 30-09-2019

Kurz, Greens emerge as big winners of Austria’s snap election

After months of political turmoil, Austrian voters on Sunday (29 September) gave former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz a clear mandate to reclaim power with 37.1% of the votes while Kurz’s former coalition partner, the far-right FPÖ, lost by a wide margin. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Global Europe 22-03-2017

Belgian government ‘must do more’ to support Brussels bombings victims

One year ago, in a cold basement of Astrid Hospital, Anne Cameron Cain frantically searched for news of her husband. Along with dozens of other families, the Cains were not prepared for the tragic events of that day, which took the lives of both Anne's husband Alexander Pinczowski and her sister-in-law Sascha Pinczowski.
Elections 09-11-2015

Green light for left-wing government in Portugal

The Portuguese Communist Party has agreed to form a governing coalition with the Socialist Party. The fate of Portugal’s minority government will be decided in a vote of no confidence on Tuesday (10 November). Our partner La Tribune reports.
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Euro & Finance 17-09-2014

French government loses absolute majority in parliament

France's embattled Prime Minister narrowly survived a confidence vote yesterday, by a margin of twenty-five votes. Addressing legislators, he painted a dramatic picture of the European economy, and demanded that the pace of deficit reduction be brought down.
Europe [Gualberto Becerra/Shutterstock]
Elections 12-02-2014

EU elections will be tough again on parties in government, experts say

EU elections are often regarded as second-rate polls in which national politics plays a bigger role than Europe, making it a test for parties in government. With less than 100 days to go, EURACTIV looks at the power balance in Europe and how that could affect the European institutions' next mandate.
Climate change 30-01-2014

Green party quits Danish coalition, but PM stays in power

The Danish centre-left minority government led by Helle Thorning-Schmidt's Social Democrats will soldier on in power, despite a decision by Denmark's Greens - the Socialist People's Party (SF) - to leave the coalition over Goldman Sachs's acquisition of the country's largest energy company, DONG Energy.
Euro & Finance 02-08-2013

Italian ambassador calls for louder voice from Rome in the EU

As Italy's renewed political credibility helps boost growth forecasts, the government needs to seize the opportunity to speak with a louder voice in the EU, the Italian ambassador to the EU, Stefano Sannino, told EURACTIV Italy.
Ukraine 15-11-2012

Ukraine’s Party of Regions: A pyrrhic victory

Ukrainian authorities might have problems forming even a simple majority after the general election. The Party of Regions' apparent election success is in fact a pyrrhic victory, says Sonia Koshkina.
Euro & Finance 04-10-2012

Time bomb is ticking for Greek ‘savings package’

With the success of the fiscal adjustment programme in Greece uncertain, and the future of the coalition government in doubt, today’s Greece resembles a barrel of gunpowder ready to explode, writes Anna Visvizi.
Euro & Finance 23-07-2012

Only a political suicide or national unity government can save Spain and the euro

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, his voters are being bled dry on all sides. At the same time, an impatient EU is piling on the pressure to inflict even more pain at speed. It is a difficult balancing act for Rajoy, who needs his voters to believe that he has their best interests at heart under relentless pressure from the markets and the EU, writes Andy Langenkamp.
Elections 21-06-2012

The new Greek government needs EU support

Although the establishment of a coalition government in Greece marks an important step for the country to escape the danger of descending into political and economic turmoil, the new government faces a number of challenges that will weigh heavily on its stability and, ultimately, on its success, argues Anna Visvizi.
Euro & Finance 09-05-2012

Denmark defies austerity with 2020 budget hike

  The Danish centre-left government presented a national economic plan on Tuesday (8 May) that goes against the European austerity drive by raising public spending in a bid to boost job creation.
Brexit 06-07-2010

UK coalition launches shake-up of political system

Britain's coalition government announced wide-ranging political reforms Monday (5 July), starting with a referendum on the voting system that will test the cohesion of the governing Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, but also put an end to a practice which has favoured the UK's two major parties.
Brexit 02-10-2009

Flemish business: ‘Name and shame’ inefficient governments

European governments that fail to cut red tape, reform their labour markets and implement key elements of the knowledge economy should be publicly shamed, Jan Buysse of the Flanders Chamber of Commerce and Industry told EURACTIV in an interview.
Brexit 02-10-2009

Flemish businesses urge EU to ‘shame’ bad governments

European governments that fail to cut red tape, reform their labour markets and implement key elements of the knowledge economy should be publicly shamed, Jan Buysse of the Flanders Chamber of Commerce and Industry told EURACTIV in an interview.
Med & South 06-04-2007

New centre-right government in Estonia

Estonia has a new government in place led by Prime Minister Andrus Ansip, but the centre-right coalition sworn in on 5 April 2007 is already facing harsh criticism from its neighbour Russia.