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Climate change 28-10-2015

ETS reform: A real chance for CCS

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) remains a cost-effective measure that is currently underutilised. This must change, writes Dr. Graeme Sweeney.
Energy 24-09-2015

A catalyst for carbon capture and storage

The lack of political direction has been the greatest obstacle to the deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage, writes Graeme Sweeney.
Graeme Sweeney. [Thechoppingcompany].

Europe’s Energy Union needs carbon capture and storage

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) should be an integral part of the European Commission's Energy Union proposal, argues Graeme Sweeney, as it provides the only decarbonisation option for some energy-intensive industries.
Graeme Sweeney. [Thechoppingcompany].

Funding decision for White Rose project would be a strong signal for CCS

If the White Rose project receives European funding, it will send a strong signal for more investment in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), argues Graeme Sweeney.
Energy 11-10-2013

Graeme Sweeney: We must reset our approach to CCS

Recent setbacks for carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology underline the need for realistic ambition, innovative funding and urgent regulatory action, argues Graeme Sweeney.
Energy 16-09-2013

Re-setting the way to a decarbonised Europe

In its EU Energy Roadmap 2050, the European Commission recognises that Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is the only technology available to mitigate CO2 emissions from large-scale fossil fuel use. The EU badly needs a successful CCS programme by 2020 and can no longer afford delays, writes Graeme Sweeney.
Climate change 28-06-2013

EU will face severe consequences if it does not support carbon capture and storage

Five years ago the EU was the world leader in championing carbon capture and storage (CCS) but it has since slipped from the top spot due to a lack of investment in this essential part of the EU's objective to reduce carbon emissions, writes Graeme Sweeney.
Energy 07-05-2012

Shell executive: We must reform the Emissions Trading System

Shell has joined with other ‘progressive’ businesses to lobby the EU for a much stronger carbon price to incentivise clean energy investments. But Graeme Sweeney insists that it will not compromise on its support for tar sands, gas, and opposition to new efficiency and renewables targets.