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  • German coalition talks enter convincing game

    News | Elections 18-11-2013

    Angela Merkel's conservatives and Germany's Social Democrats have forged a political marriage before and know each other's ways, but as a new "big day" approaches, they are having to work hard to convince sceptical party members and the business world that they should give it another go.

  • Monti: EU countries need grand coalitions in times of crisis

    News | Elections 14-10-2013

    The best way to pass the difficult reforms that many EU countries need is to install a grand coalition such as the one that helped save Italy from economic disaster, former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti said at a public event on Friday (11 October).

  • Merkel starts ‘grand coalition’ talks

    News | Elections 04-10-2013

    Angela Merkel holds preliminary talks with the Social Democrats (SPD) today (4 October) to sound out the scope for compromises to form a "grand coalition", marking the start of complicated horse-trading that could drag on into next year.

  • Italian parties launch ‘grand coalition’ attempt

    News | Elections 27-02-2013

    Italy's stunned political parties searched for a way forward yesterday (26 February) after an inconclusive election gave none of them a clear parliamentary majority. Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-right camp indicated it was prepared to govern in coalition with Pier Luigi Bersani’s centre-left.