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Brexit 03-05-2021

Northern Ireland marks 100 years, divided

Northern Ireland marks its 100th year on Monday (3 May), but faltering efforts to commemorate the centenary encapsulate the rift at the heart of the British province.
Data protection 26-10-2018

Ecuador no longer to intervene with UK for WikiLeaks Assange – foreign minister

Ecuador does not plan to intervene with the British government on behalf of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in talks over his situation as an asylee in the South American country’s London embassy, Ecuador’s foreign minister said on Tuesday (23 October).
Brexit 09-11-2015

Cameron heckled by Eurosceptics at CBI speech

British Prime Minister David Cameron was heckled by Eurosceptic protestors Monday (9 November) as he denied he was planning to campaign for Britain to stay in the EU regardless of the outcome of his bid for renegotiations.
Brexit 31-01-2014

Britain, France set to clash over EU reform plans at summit

British Prime Minister David Cameron is set to clash with France's President François Hollande over how to reform the European Union on Friday (31 January), souring an Anglo-French summit aimed at deepening defence and energy cooperation.
Brexit 15-07-2013

British group calls for reforms ‘from within’ the EU

Britain should abandon attempts to secure a new "special deal" from the European Union and push instead for reform covering all 28 EU members, a cross-party campaign group that opposes leaving the EU said today (15 July).