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  • Pick-and-choose populism and the EU elite

    Future EU 18-01-2017

    EU leaders cannot exploit populism when it suits them and then complain when things do not go their way. We need strong leadership from the political mainstream to turn things around, write Petroula Nteledimou and Nikos Lampropoulos.

  • The EU should be a more active contributor to the Cyprus issue

    Enlargement 05-01-2017

    The Cyprus issue is a longstanding problem that many believe will remain unresolved forever. Nonetheless, in recent weeks, it has been drawing the attention of the media. Takis Hadjigeorgiou and Dimitris Papadimoulis explain what is at stake.

  • Time for EU leaders to deliver on commitments to Greece

    Euro & Finance 05-12-2016

    The Eurogroup will today (5 December) examine the progress Greece has made so far. Now the EU must deliver on their own commitments, write Dimitrios Papadimoulis, Udo Bullmann and Pervenche Berès.

  • How Erdogan’s purge hit the EU and NATO

    Enlargement 23-11-2016

    The European Parliament will this week vote on whether to suspend Turkey’s EU membership bid. Andrew Duff explains how the Turkish military has reacted to Erdoğan’s power grabbing and how NATO fits into the equation.

  • Europe’s ‘working poor’ and populism are on the rise

    Social Europe & Jobs 17-11-2016

    Driven by a labour market recovery, EU citizens’ opportunities for social participation have improved slightly for the first time since 2008. But not everyone is benefiting. A high risk of poverty persists in many countries, especially in southern Europe, warn Daniel Schraad-Tischler and Christof Schiller.

  • Rethinking debt, redefining development

    Sustainable Development 10-11-2016

    Europe cannot build healthy societies and vibrant economies on a degraded and diminished ‘natural capital’ as this ecological debt would ultimately lead to its demise, writes Demetres Karavellas.

  • The (German) politics behind Nord Stream 2

    Energy 04-11-2016

    An unlikely coalition is emerging in Germany between Angela Merkel’s CDU and the Greens. More and more, both parties want to stop the construction of a second pipeline that will transport gas directly from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea, explains Judy Dempsey.

  • The End of Europe

    Future EU 21-10-2016

    The EU risks disintegration with the emergence of a xenophobic and populist wave. The European project needs to be completely rethought, far from the current state of exception, argues historian Enzo Traverso.

  • Including Greece in ETS compensation mechanisms

    Energy 18-10-2016

    Following the Paris Agreement, the discussion on the next phase of the EU ETS, 2021-2030, has intensified. Greece is strongly arguing for its inclusion in the provisions of articles 10c and 10d, write energy analysts from Greece’s Public Power Corporation S.A. (PPC).

  • Joy and despair in European statistics

    Euro & Finance 13-10-2016

    Europe needs more than temporary growth to boost its economy, write George Friedman and Antonia Colibasanu.

  • More services integration needed to reinvigorate Europe

    Social Europe & Jobs 05-10-2016

    Goods can be traded freely across the EU, but the same cannot, in practice, be said of services. Less restrictions in the sector would yield enormous economic benefits, argue Arup Banerij, Doerte Doemeland and Sanja Madžarević Šujster.

  • New EU border guard agency is no magic bullet

    Justice & Home Affairs 27-09-2016

    The European Union’s new border guard agency is meant to remedy the failings of its predecessor, Frontex. Dr Lisa Watanabe asks whether the EBCG will be endowed with what Frontex lacked.

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