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Economy & Jobs 03-07-2014

Europe works, says Greek PM Antonis Samaras

Speaking in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Wednesday, Greek Prime minister Antonis Samaras said that Greece managed to conclude 67 pieces of legislation 'in a presidency that lasted only four months ' and  "with a minimal budget of which not more than 40% was finally spent".
Europe's East 02-01-2014

Ukrainians tell Yanukovich: We will be in EU, with or without you

“The future of Ukraine lies in our hands, not in yours”, civil society activists told Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich in an unusual New Year video message.
Transport 22-11-2013

Greek presidency pledges to ‘connect’ the Western Balkans

Greece's EU presidency will contribute to the European integration of the Western Balkans, promoting transport and energy infrastructure. Belgrade has expressed hope that Athens will promote enlargement, despite it not being one of its key priorities. EURACTIV Greece and EURACTIV Serbia report.
EU Priorities 2020 23-08-2013

Greece drops enlargement from its EU presidency priorities

Greece's priorities for its upcoming EU council presidency does not mention enlargement policy, despite a previous commitment by Athens to promote the bloc's expansion into the Western Balkans.
Future EU 21-02-2013

Official: We are already preparing the Greek EU Presidency

By January 2014 Greece will be much closer to exiting the sovereign debt crisis than today - and its EU Presidency will be organised in the best possible way, Dimitris Kourkoulas, the Greek deputy foreign minister told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Sports 29-07-2004

Greece steps up security for Olympics

US-made Patriot missiles and high-sensitivity security detectors are part of security plans costing 1.2bn euros, the most ever spent for an Olympics. The games start on 13 August.
Public Affairs 01-04-2004

Stavros Dimas to focus on Working Time Directive and health & safety

Quizzed by MEPs about his priorities, the new Greek Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs gave few concrete answers, but promised to push for progress on outstanding issues.
Public Affairs 11-03-2004

New Greek Commissioner before Parliament in April

Commissioner Diamantopoulou's replacement Stavros Dimas will go through a hearing of the European Parliament in early April.
Enlargement 11-03-2004

New Greek foreign minister names Cyprus as top priority

Greece's newly appointed Foreign Minister Petros Molyviatis has said that solving the Cyprus problem is his top priority.
Public Affairs 10-03-2004

Diamantopoulou to be replaced by conservative lawyer

After the defeat of the socialists in the Greek elections Commissioner Diamantopoulou will be replaced by Stavros Dimas of the winning conservative party.
Enlargement 08-03-2004

Conservatives win Greek elections

Greek elections: Conservatives win comfortably, thereby ousting the socialists. The result will have possible implications for the reunification of Cyprus.
Enlargement 04-03-2004

Issue of continued Turkey rapprochement marks Greek elections

Greek elections: Socialists are trying to spread doubts about the Conservatives' support for continued rapprochement with Turkey.
Future EU 12-02-2004

Diamantopoulou takes leave to stand in Greek elections

Anna Diamantopoulou has been granted temporary unpaid leave from her position as Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs.
Elections 10-02-2004

Greek Socialists elect Papandreou as leader

Greek Foreign Minister George Papandreou has received over a million votes supporting his bid to become leader of the ruling Socialist Party.
Elections 08-01-2004

Greek prime minister calls early March elections

Prime Minister Costas Simitis has announced that Greece will hold general elections on 7 March 2004.

Greek Presidency gets mixed review of environmental results

On 1 July, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) has released its verdict on the results of the Greek Presidency in the environmental field based on its ten green tests.
Future EU 17-02-2003

Greece, the European Union, and the 2003 Presidency

Greece, the European Union, and the 2003 Presidency Greece assumes the Presidency of the European Union on January 1st 2003, taking over from Denmark. With the green light for enlargement already delivered in Copenhagen, the Greek Presidency is one in...
Economy & Jobs 24-01-2003

Greek Presidency: agenda for education

The Greek Presidency is expected to make important progress on four issues: the reinvigoration of the European Research Area, the "Erasmus World" and e-learning programmes and the promotion of benchmarks for education.
Enlargement 20-12-2002

Results of the successful Danish Presidency

The Danish EU Presidency has completed the accession negotiations with ten Central and Eastern European countries, liberalisation of the gas and electricity markets, a single European sky and new rules for food safety.

Greece sets out Presidency aims

Greece, set to take over the rotating presidency of the European Union, vowed on 18 December to boost the Union's international presence, reinvigorate its economy and improve its immigration policy.
Security 20-09-2002

First EU peace mission postponed because of Turkey’s blockage

NATO will have to extend its peace operation in Macedonia up to December because Turkey is still blocking the EU-NATO deal, needed for the EU to take over the NATO-led operation.

Albania: Stuck on the Border

Albania: Stuck on the Border A 7-kilometer-long line of cars was stalled last week at the southern border crossing of Kakavia between Albania and Greece, along the dry valley of the Drinos River. The travelers were surrounded by barren, rocky...
Security 24-06-2002

Greek-Turkish dispute continues blocking EU military force

At the Seville Summit, the EU, Greece and Turkey failed to reach an agreement on co-operation between NATO and the planned European military force.

Greece continues to oppose Turkish participation in EU defence policy

The Greek government has announced that Greece will continue blocking any proposals allowing non-member Turkey to have a say in EU defence policy.