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Euro & Finance 12-08-2015

Greek parliament tables vote on bailout deal

Greece's parliament tabled a crucial vote on ratifying the text of a third international bailout agreement between Athens and its creditors late Tuesday (11 August).
Trade & Society 02-02-2015

Syriza-led Greek parliament ‘will never ratify TTIP’

The newly-elected government in Athens has always been suspicious of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and will use its Parliament majority to sink the EU-US trade pact, claims a former Syriza MEP now turned minister. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Euro & Finance 29-02-2012

Schulz pleads for mutual trust ahead of Greek austerity vote

Addressing the Greek Parliament yesterday (28 February), European Parliament President Martin Schulz reaffirmed his belief that Greece’s future is within the eurozone and warned against dangerous division fuelled by the crisis.