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The Green Brief: Energy efficiency – the EU’s favourite fail

As if instinctual, whenever national governments are confronted with a package of EU climate laws, they tend to shoot down the energy efficiency target first. And so it went on Monday (27 June) at the EU's energy council meeting.

The Green Brief: when to call a crisis a crisis

As weeks go by, EU countries are gradually seeing their deliveries or Russian gas cut off or seriously reduced. Yet, EU politicians refuse to call the gas crisis by its name.

The Green Brief: ‘F*** it, let’s try again’ on ETS reform

Last week saw fury and frustration erupt among lawmakers as the reform of the EU’s core climate policy, the emissions trading scheme (ETS), failed to win the approval of the European Parliament.

The Green Brief: Banning Russian oil was the easy part

The ban on Russian oil imports, agreed by EU leaders late on Monday, is a sign that the EU compromise machine still works. A much tougher task now will be to eradicate Russian gas imports.

The Green Brief: No done deal on EU carbon market reform

Lawmakers in the European Parliament’s environment committee voted on a major overhaul of the EU’s carbon market last week, but it’s a long and possibly bumpy road to EU legislators shaking hands on the final deal.

The Green Brief: Quitting Russian fossil fuels is only half the challenge

Faced with war, high energy prices and a climate crisis, Europe needs to untangle itself from Russian fossil fuels asap. But ultimately, it needs to reduce its reliance on all fossil fuels as much as possible.

The Green Brief: Breaking up (with Russian oil) is hard to do

When she tabled a proposal to ban all imports of Russian oil and refined petroleum products by the end of the year, EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen knew she would face resistance, if not outright opposition.

The Green Brief: Does the EPP still support von der Leyen’s Green Deal?

The European People’s Party (EPP), the largest group in Parliament, is threatening to scupper a crucial reform of the EU’s carbon market in a high-stakes political gambit that risks derailing the EU’s climate ambitions.

The Green Brief: Macron’s ecological to-do list

French President Emmanuel Macron will need to raise his environmental game in the coming five years after his first mandate was marked by grave mistakes on carbon taxation and stagnation on renewable energies.

The Green Brief: It’s now or never for energy conservation

EU countries are scrambling for new sources of gas to phase out Russian fossil fuels and punish Moscow for its brutal war in Ukraine. But in the rush to diversify, Europe once again risks overlooking a no-regret solution: energy conservation.

The Green Brief: One step closer to Russian fossil fuel ban

Pictures of dead bodies lying in the streets of Bucha have rightly sparked collective outrage across Europe, suggesting wanton slaughter of the Ukrainian people by the Russian army.

The Green Brief: France’s awkward ‘business as usual’ in Russia

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Green Brief. Below you’ll find the latest roundup of news on energy and environment from across Europe. You can subscribe to the weekly newsletter here. This week, Total Energies faced the wrath of Yannick Jadot, the Green...

The Green Brief: Europe’s great gas U-turn

The last week has seen a previously unthinkable political U-turn by the European Union to end its reliance on all fossil fuels imported from Russia.

The Green Brief: A turning point for fossil fuels

Russia’s war on Ukraine has put an end to years of cheap oil and gas, a situation expected to last well into next year that is prompting the EU to accelerate its shift to clean energy.
Energy 02-03-2022

The Green Brief – Coal is back in the spotlight

All of Europe is anxiously checking the storage levels of its gas depots. However, what most fail to consider are the vital train wagons full of an old-timey fuel that keeps Europe running: coal.

The Green Brief: Nord Stream 2 – chronicle of a death foretold

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Green Brief. Below you’ll find the latest roundup of news covering energy & environment from across Europe. You can subscribe to the weekly newsletter here. After Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops over the Ukrainian border, Berlin had...

The Green Brief: Nord Stream 2, Poland and rule of law

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Green Brief. Below you’ll find the latest roundup of news covering energy & environment from across Europe. You can subscribe to the weekly newsletter here. The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline linking Germany to Russia is a...

The Green Brief: An EU taxonomy fairytale

Once upon a time, in a strange land named Brussels, the great leaders of the European Commission came together to decide what investments should be made to save their world from the great monster Climate Change.

The Green Brief: The price of freedom gas

Confronted with a belligerent Russia at its eastern border, the European Union has started consulting with allies about possible alternatives to its supply of Russian gas. The financial and political cost could be high, however.

The Green Brief: Who wants to kill the EU taxonomy?

While Germany’s reaction to the EU’s green finance taxonomy proposal attracted much attention in Brussels, officials at the European Commission are likely more nervous about reactions in the European Parliament. If not, they should be.

The Green Brief – A ‘cloak and dagger’ taxonomy

As Europe waited to welcome 2022, those in the energy policy bubble suddenly found themselves drawn away from the myriad of fireworks by buzzing phones. 

The Green Brief: Gassy Christmas and a chaotic New Year!

Congratulations! You made it to the end of one of the most thrilling, exhausting, hopeful and depressing years in the history of climate policy. 2022 will be the Year of Negotiation – or the Year of Infighting.

The Green Brief, powered by Goldman Sachs – Getting real about gas

The European Commission’s gas package, due to be published today, risks being more of a cold shower than a Christmas present for supporters and opponents of gas alike.

The Green Brief, powered by Goldman Sachs – How flexible is too flexible?

There’s a well-known f-word in Brussels – flexibility. And, when EU energy ministers met to discuss Europe’s plans for renewable energy and energy efficiency last week, it seemed they had bet on who could say it most.