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The Green Brief – A ‘cloak and dagger’ taxonomy

As Europe waited to welcome 2022, those in the energy policy bubble suddenly found themselves drawn away from the myriad of fireworks by buzzing phones. 

The Green Brief: Gassy Christmas and a chaotic New Year!

Congratulations! You made it to the end of one of the most thrilling, exhausting, hopeful and depressing years in the history of climate policy. 2022 will be the Year of Negotiation – or the Year of Infighting.

The Green Brief, powered by Goldman Sachs – Getting real about gas

The European Commission’s gas package, due to be published today, risks being more of a cold shower than a Christmas present for supporters and opponents of gas alike.

The Green Brief, powered by Goldman Sachs – How flexible is too flexible?

There’s a well-known f-word in Brussels – flexibility. And, when EU energy ministers met to discuss Europe’s plans for renewable energy and energy efficiency last week, it seemed they had bet on who could say it most.

The Green Brief: Hat-trick for the German Greens

After 16 years in opposition, the Germans Greens are back in government, taking the reins of three powerful ministries – an unprecedented feat, which also strengthens their hand in Brussels as they now have a direct link to the new government in Berlin.

The Green Brief: The future of gas

Europe's love affair with gas started around the North Sea in the 1950s with discoveries in the UK and the Netherlands. This is also where the industry’s future lies.

The Green Brief, powered by The Greens/EFA – Europe’s tightrope walk with gas

In policy making, the decarbonisation of gas has left EU officials and lawmakers wobbling on a tightrope between Europe’s fossil-reliant past and renewable-led future.

The Green Brief, powered by Habitat for Humanity – Germany’s shambolic Energiewende

As the world focuses on the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, the German government coalition talks are offering a no less fascinating stage for climate policy drama.

The Green Brief: COP26 – the EU survival guide

Europe is coming in strong to COP26 and supporting several global initiatives. We bring you all the information from the summit from the EU perspective.

The Green Brief: Gas, nuclear and the EU taxonomy saga

The European Union is moving a step closer to integrating nuclear power and natural gas in the bloc’s sustainable finance taxonomy after a summit last week where EU leaders discussed the bloc's response to rising energy prices.

The Green Brief: East-West EU split again over climate

Eastern EU countries are blaming the bloc’s carbon market for rising energy prices. Simply dismissing those calls as populists would be ill-advised as EU leaders meet in Brussels for a two-day summit starting tomorrow.

The Green Brief: In energy crisis, EU plays the long game

The crisis currently gripping global energy markets has exposed the EU’s inability to deal with surging prices in the short term, leaving national governments to fight the fires while Brussels focuses on the long term.

The Green Brief: Fossil fuel subsidies are back (and they’re here to stay)

With the ongoing surge in energy prices, EU governments have scrambled to implement emergency measures to protect vulnerable consumers. Yet in doing so, they’re indirectly subsidising fossil fuels and undermining the green transition just weeks before the UN climate summit opens in Glasgow.

The Green Brief: Europe’s energy price crunch dilemna

As the European Commission considers a “toolbox” of measures to tackle the ongoing surge in energy prices, it runs the risk of contradicting itself on two fronts: its climate policy and its decade-old drive to liberalise energy markets.

The Green Brief: Good morning Brussels! Can we have your points please?

In many ways life in the European Parliament is very similar to Eurovision. There are lots of languages, a fanfare of cultures and an obscure points system that no one understands, but just sort of accepts. Here's how those points will impact the FIt for 55 package.

The Green Brief: Courtrooms – the new climate battleground

A recent ruling by a Dutch court has highlighted a growing trend of citizens bringing climate-related cases against companies and governments.

The Green Brief: Floods, heat and fire

From deadly flooding that hit Germany and Belgium in July to the heatwaves and forest fires that set Southern Europe ablaze in August, this year has seen no shortage of climate-related disasters.

The Green Brief: EU climate package déjà vu?

For those who have been following EU energy and climate policy over the past five years, the European Commission’s ‘Fit for 55’ package has a distinct whiff of déjà vu.

The Green Brief: EU divisions loom over climate policy

With the EU’s new climate law passing in the European Parliament last week, there is now no doubt about whether EU lawmakers see the need to tackle climate change. Now they just need to answer the question of how to do this.

The Green Brief: Building back better?

When the European Union prepared its response to the coronavirus pandemic in May last year, it promised one thing: to “build back better”. But national recovery plans show a gap between what EU countries are willing to do and what the Commission aimed for.

The Green Brief: CBAM enters with a bang

The EU's carbon border adjustment mechanism – or CBAM – entered with a bang last week when a draft of the EU’s upcoming new regulation was leaked to the press. The document raised as many questions as it answered, however.

The Green Brief: The worst is yet to come for big oil

Last week’s court ruling that saw Shell ordered to reduce its CO2 emissions was enough to put the oil sector on the back foot. And further setbacks are expected when the European Commission tables new climate policy proposals in July.

The Green Brief: Europe’s long road out of coal

The European Union has never had a coordinated strategy to ditch coal – and that shows in the mismatch between regions and countries, as illustrated this week with the dispute between Poland and Czechia over the Turów coal mine.

The Green Brief: Europe’s ‘zero pollution’ dreams

The European Commission's 'Zero Pollution Action Plan' may have been labelled as the cherry on top of a grand Green Deal, but it lacks the impetus for real change.