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Business must understand that the climate cannot wait

Businesses must understand their exposure to climate risk, create green demand, and focus on long-term resource efficiency investments if the worst scenarios outlined in the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment report are to be avoided, argues Richard T. Klein. 

EU embraces green infrastructure package

The European Union adopted a new strategy yesterday (6 May) aimed at promoting green infrastructure, and putting natural processes at the heart of its spatial planning.
Health 03-12-2012

French group launches green rating service for shoppers

A French organisation has launched a system which allows consumers to evaluate the health and environmental impact of the products they buy, by giving each item a ‘green’ rating.
Brexit 09-10-2012

UK Tories warned by EU against stifling green agenda

Brussels has placed itself on a collision course with Britain's ruling Conservative party by issuing a blunt warning on the dangers of stifling the green agenda.
Climate change 28-10-2011

Concentrated solar gets a boost from US

A US Department of Energy decision to invest $60 million (€43.5 million) in concentrated solar power (CSP) research and development over the next three years is a boon for an industry that is struggling to gain traction.
Brexit 31-03-2011

SMEs lead battle to boost EU exports

An increasing amount of help and advice is given to European companies that wish to sell their goods and services in emerging markets such as China and India, where renewable energy and green technologies are seen as major areas for growth.
Public Affairs 07-03-2011

Green businesses rock employers lobby

A wave of calls from climate-friendly businesses for deeper EU greenhouse gas emissions cuts is spotlighting divisions within the European employers association, BusinessEurope.