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Agrifood 02-09-2016

France seeks renewed ‘legitimacy’ for EU farm policy post-Brexit

In light of an unprecedented farming crisis, EU agriculture ministers will gather in France today (2 September) to exchange views on the future role of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) after Britain's decision to leave the 28-country bloc.
Agrifood 26-07-2016

New CAP can make EU farming profitable, Spanish farmers say

Spanish farmers consider the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) as an opportunity to cut red tape and make environmental measures more efficient.
Agrifood 11-02-2016

Commission’s ‘green’ CAP questionable, study says

The implementation of the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for the period 2014-2020 is not as “green” as the European Commission is claiming, a new study has found.
Agrifood 22-01-2016

EU green farming projects ‘too costly’, auditors say

A new report by the European Court of Auditors (ECA) has found “unreasonably high costs” related to EU-funded schemes to support environmentally-friendly agriculture in the UK, Italy, Denmark and Portugal.
Agrifood 11-01-2016

New CAP should focus on quality, say organic farmers

Organic farmers have urged the European Commission to respond to citizen demand for a Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) focused on quality food. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Agrifood 08-01-2016

Hogan warns UK farmers over Brexit

Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan raised the alarm on Thursday (7 January) over a possible Brexit, stressing that it would adversely impact British farmers.

Europe entering the era of ‘precision agriculture’

SPECIAL REPORT / The agricultural sector has stepped into the digital era, in an effort to respond to rising global nutrition needs and tackle the environmental crisis.

EU report: ‘Dramatic’ butterfly decline impacts on other species

Europe’s grassland butterfly population has dropped “dramatically” over the past 20 years, a stark warning that many of Europe’s species may be heading for extinction, says a new report by the European Environment Agency.
Agrifood 20-03-2013

Slovakia, Slovenia refuse to sign off on CAP deal

Agriculture ministers meeting in Brussels on Tuesday (19 March) forged an incomplete compromise farm policy ahead of key negotiations on the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), with Slovakia and Slovenia refusing to sign off on the deal.
Agrifood 14-03-2013

After landmark CAP vote, the hard work begins

MEPs exercised their power to shape agricultural policy for the first time on Wednesday (13 March), voting to adopt a controversial package of legislation that now faces a fresh round of negotiations with national leaders. EURACTIV reports from Strasbourg.
Agrifood 12-03-2013

Parliament makes U-turn, allows full vote on CAP reform

Bowing to criticism that it was “undemocratic”, the European Parliament’s agriculture committee agreed Monday night (11 March) to allow the full house to vote on hundreds of amendments to the EU’s future farm policy, many of them aimed at reversing the panel’s earlier decisions. EURACTIV reports from Strasbourg.
Agrifood 15-02-2013

Fate of green CAP plans hangs on Parliament

Conservationists angered by efforts to “gut” Europe’s future farm policy are banking on the full European Parliament to protect the environmental standards proposed by the European Commission.
Agrifood 25-01-2013

MEPs back a less green, more ‘flexible’ CAP

The European Parliament’s agriculture committee has voted to weaken key environmental proposals made by the European Commission while agreeing to reduce subsidies to big farms. These and other proposals will be considered by the full Parliament in March.
Agrifood 14-12-2012

Luck of the Irish: Big CAP decisions on hold until 2013

Battles over financing and revamping Europe’s agricultural policy are almost certain to push implementation of the future programme beyond next year’s deadline, government and industry officials say.
Agrifood 20-11-2012

Green farming agenda faces EU budget axe

SPECIAL REPORT / Some EU national governments and lawmakers are pushing to weaken proposals intended to create natural defences against pesticides and fertilisers in crop fields. But they should reconsider their opposition to buffer strips and other natural areas, green advocates say.

Food waste, greening diets become EU policy goals

SPECIAL REPORT / The European Commission wants to help consumers cut food waste by making 'best before' and 'use by' dates clearer on the packaging. But measures to green up our diets will not stop here, with policymakers' attention turning to the entire food chain.
Agrifood 16-05-2012

Green groups decry ‘depressing’ EU farm reform deal

Conservation groups have condemned a move by European agricultural ministers to tone down some of the most controversial environmental proposals in the next phase of the EU's farm support programme.
Climate change 13-02-2009

Farming sector aims to clean up its carbon act

Use of fertiliser usage and other modern agricultural practices can help to reduce greenhouse gases and ensure food security, argued business representatives and experts at a conference yesterday (12 February).
Climate change 17-06-2008

Pesticides row heats up ahead of key ministers’ meeting

As EU agriculture ministers prepare to debate the controversial file next week, Greenpeace has published a 'black list' of companies that manufacture and market "particularly dangerous pesticides" which the group believes should be banned. But pesticides manufacturers slammed the move as a 'PR stunt'. 

EU ministers discuss impact of agriculture on global warming

Although far behind the energy sector, agriculture - and livestock in particular - is the second single largest source of man-made greenhouse gas emissions in the EU-25.
Agrifood 09-02-2001

Germany shifts to greener farming

Germany shifts away from factory farming to less intensive and more environmentally methods
Climate change 19-01-2001

Fischler supports German push for greener agriculture

Agriculture commissioner Fischler supports German calls for a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly agricultural policy

Ecological Farming on EU policy agenda?

Germany's U-turn on agriculture could start a new fundamental debate on the future of Europe's farming policy

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