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Future of mobility 11-05-2021

Spain’s car industry eyes extension of furlough schemes to save jobs

The Spanish car industry is mulling extending temporary lay-off schemes known as ERTEs currently due to expire at the end of the month until at least next September to mitigate the pandemic’s negative impact on the sector. EURACTIV’s partner EFE reports.
Erik Jonnaert
Electric vehicles 29-05-2015

ACEA boss: Even a zero-emission target will fail to address car CO2

Europe’s ambition of heavily cutting CO2 emissions from cars won't work if it fails to address the 95% of emissions coming from old vehicles, according to Erik Jonnaert, the Secretary General of the European Automobile Manufacturer's Association, ACEA.
Nissan Leaf
Transport 29-05-2015

Car makers gear up for next round of CO2 emission cuts

As the EU prepares for tough negotiations on reducing CO2 emissions from cars post-2020, industry lobbyists, green campaigners and the European Commission alike seem to agree on one thing: deeper emission cuts from road transport will require a more “holistic” approach.
Transport 19-05-2015

Germany and UK left behind, as EU beats transport emissions target

German and British vans are among the worst polluters in an increasingly fuel efficient and environmentally-friendly EU fleet, according to the European Environment Agency. 

Car sharing struggles to challenge private owners in Germany

Despite a growing number of users, car sharing is not expected to displace private automobiles any time soon, causing the German government to come up with new incentives for collective models in the hopes of promoting sustainable transportation. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Transport 03-12-2014

Germany to miss target for one million e-cars by 2020

Germany hopes to put one million electric cars on its roads by the year 2020, but government advisors already predict the country will miss its target if state support is not stepped up soon. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Transport 13-11-2014

Report: Car emissions higher than predicted

Cars are not as fuel efficient and environmentally friendly as officially described by the carmakers, a Transport and Environment (T&E) report has found. The reality is different due to flaws in the testing system.
A new German law hopes to make it more attractive to drive electric cars in Germany. [EON Vertrieb/Flickr]
Transport 25-09-2014

Berlin approves new incentives for electric car drivers

The German government passed a new law on electromobility, including perks for electric car drivers, such as parking privileges, permission to use bus lanes and special transit access. However, environmentalists are unhappy. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Transport 30-10-2013

EU presidency proposes new weakening of car emissions rules

Lithuania, holder of the EU presidency, has made a new proposal to weaken rules on how much carbon new cars can emit from 2020, in line with demands from Germany and its luxury manufacturers, EU diplomats said.
Transport 11-03-2013

VW and Daimler spark surprise green cars beauty contest

Chemical companies and EU governments alike have been outflanked by major green initiatives announced by car companies at this week’s Geneva motor show.
Transport 21-09-2012

What will Europeans be driving in 2030?

SPECIAL REPORT / Car manufacturers envision a mostly electrified European market by 2030, in which car sharing schemes will have taken off in city centres, new mobility operators will offer multiplatform transport packages, and the age of ‘the prosumer’ could be upon us.
Brexit 20-09-2012

UK MPs call for more ambitious electric car grant scheme

Britain needs a more ambitious programme to encourage the uptake of low-carbon vehicles because sales of the cars have disappointed, a committee of British MPs said today (20 September).
Energy 24-05-2011

Special Report: Solar plane is European ‘dreambird’

The first solar-powered aeroplane to fly day and night "represents the European dream" and should spur politicians to find pioneering solutions to reliance on fossil fuels, guests at a Green Week event heard yesterday (23 May).
Transport 22-02-2010

Brussels to table EU clean cars strategy

The European Commission is set to propose a strategy on clean and fuel-efficient cars by May, followed later by an action plan to help introduce green vehicles to the market.

European electricity firms line up behind plug-in cars

Europe's electricity suppliers have come together to push for a standardised recharging infrastructure for plug-in electric cars. The move will pave the way for consumers to refuel vehicles at charging stations across Europe.

EU outflanked by Asian rivals on green economy

Europe's stimulus spending on greening the economy is dwarfed by China's investment, with some EU countries diverting less than 2% of national recovery plans into sustainable industries. The disparity has sparked fears that 'green jobs' will migrate to Asia.

Can the EU pave the way for electric cars?

Electric cars grabbed the headlines at the annual Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this month. But industry players are now looking to the EU to work through major challenges in battery technology, electricity infrastructure and consumer acceptance, EURACTIV has learned.
Transport 31-08-2009

Green merits of car-scrapping plans questioned

As European countries start to wind down their car-scrapping schemes, hopes of slashing transport emissions while stimulating the economy are being dashed by reports of illegal exports of old European cars to the third world.
Transport 24-08-2009

Blair: Climate efforts no reason to give up cars

Former UK prime minister Tony Blair, a contender for the post of the EU's first president, last week (20 August 2009) praised China's low-carbon drive, stressing that low-carbon technology, not giving up car ownership, would pave the way for a sustainable transport future.
Transport 21-08-2009

Germany seeks leadership in electric cars

Germany lawmakers on Wednesday (19 August) approved a plan to put a million electric cars on German roads by 2020, in a bid to become the worlds top market for electric vehicles.

Inventors look to crack electric car conundrum

Researchers grappling with the problem of developing the most fuel-efficient electric cars are using micro-jet turbine engines and 'supercapacity' batteries to help energy-conscious consumers drive further.
Transport 23-04-2009

Parliament backs strict labelling for tyres

EU lawmakers have insisted that tyre manufacturers such as Michelin and Continental must display details of tyres' fuel performance, as well as their wet grip and noise levels, as of November 2012.

Poto?nik: Europe must lead ‘green revolution’

The EU will invest billions in green technologies using a series of public private partnerships (PPPs), Janez Poto?nik, Commissioner responsible for Science and Research, has said in an interview with EURACTIV Slovakia.

Poto?nik: Europe must lead ‘green revolution’

The EU will invest billions in green technologies using a series of public private partnerships (PPPs), Janez Poto?nik, Commissioner responsible for Science and Research, has said in an interview with EURACTIV Slovakia.