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Climate change 19-09-2019

Investing in zero-carbon cities will return $24 trillion by 2050, report finds

By investing US$1.83 trillion -  about 2% of global GDP - per year in cutting urban emissions, national governments would generate annual returns worth US$2.80 trillion in 2030 and US$6.98 trillion in 2050, a report released Thursday (19 September) finds.
Energy 20-06-2018

Merkel: Auto and coal workers need to know what their next jobs are

At a meeting of climate ministers in Berlin on Tuesday (19 June), the German chancellor stressed the importance of re-training to help people take part in a greener economy.
A coal plant in Datteln, Germany. [Arnold Paul/Commons].

Shift taxes from labour to environment, EEA tells ministers

Hans Bruyninckx, the director of the European Environment Agency, has urged ministers to carry out fiscal reforms, such as moving tax from labour to activities that damage the environment.
Trade & Society 14-09-2012

France seen turning to renewables for ‘ecological patriotism’

France's government begins a review of the world's most nuclear-dependent country's energy policy on Friday (14 September), strongly in support of its small and ailing renewables sector in an effort to boost local jobs and growth.
Energy 06-06-2012

German workers lead EU ‘green jobs’ revolution

Germany's building renovation programme has already mobilised €100 billion in investments, yielding around 300,000 direct jobs per year, according to a new report by the International Labour Organisation (ILO). However, much remains to be done to fulfil the promise of green jobs, experts warn.
Brexit 20-01-2011

Britain hosts ‘innovation summit’ with EU Nordic states

Prime ministers from nine northern European countries are meeting in London today (20 January) as part of a British initiative to find ways to boost growth and innovation in green technologies such as offshore wind. 
Brexit 23-09-2010

Europe’s ‘green revolution’ off to patchy start

The much-vaunted green economy promises a new stream of jobs at a time of rising unemployment, but are European companies ready to capitalise on this potential? EURACTIV's media network looks at which countries are best-placed to benefit from the green revolution and examines the barriers facing smaller firms.

EU promotes ‘green jobs’ as way out of crisis

Plans to create a generation of 'green' jobs will involve low-skilled as well as high-skilled workers, and could therefore play a key social function in addressing Europe's unemployment crisis, EU officials and MEPs told a Brussels conference yesterday (10 June).