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Climate change 04-03-2019

Time to get rid of EU’s unanimity rule on green fiscal matters

Taxation is the last EU policy area where decision-making exclusively relies on unanimity. A gradual shift to qualified majority voting would help reach environmental objectives more effectively at a time when action on climate change is more urgent than ever, argue Eero Yrjö-Koskinen, Patrick ten Brink and Emma Watkins.
Economy & Jobs 21-12-2018

Reform programmes should compensate low-income workers, OECD says

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has urged governments to pay attention to the consequences of their policies and compensate vulnerable groups that could be hit by new taxes.
Road charging 25-09-2018

A future tax on foreign lorries which ‘only cross over France’?

The French government is thinking about taxing foreign heavy goods vehicles but François de Rugy, the new minister of ecological transition, denies the return of a “green tax”.  EURACTIV France's media partner Ouest-France reports.
Climate change 14-09-2016

James Nix: Brexit could pave the way for EU-wide carbon tax

Originally, the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) only came into place because the UK was opposed to using taxation as a policy instrument to reduce global warming. With Brexit, there is now an opportunity to look again at an EU-wide carbon tax, according to James Nix.

Hans Bruyninckx: Green taxation ‘not really happening’ in Europe

Despite a “massive” body of research showing green taxation makes sense from an environmental and economic perspective, few countries are actually taking the step forward, says Hans Bruyninckx.
Climate change 02-11-2010

A new path to a low-carbon economy

Existing solutions to man-made climate change that are politically acceptable and feasible to implement now need to be embraced, writes Jeffrey D. Sachs, professor of economics and director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University and special adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General on the Millennium Development Goals.
Trade & Society 13-01-2010

EU trade chief-designate rejects carbon border tariffs

The European Union should not impose border tariffs on goods from countries that fail to cut back their climate-damaging emissions, the EU's trade commissioner-designate said yesterday (12 January).

‘Green’ taxation in a recession

As governments face up to the challenge of moving towards a low-carbon economy in the midst of a recession, the tax system "can be a powerful device for changing behaviour," argues the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in an August policy paper.
Energy 06-03-2009

Green VAT proposal likely to be scrapped

The European Commission is poised to put forward proposals for a 'green tax' in early April, but reduced value-added tax (VAT) rates to promote green products are unlikely to feature as part of the package.

EU eyes tax breaks to ‘green’ economic recovery

Fiscal incentives backed by EU funds to promote cleaner vehicles and building efficiency are recommended as part of a 200-billion-euro economic recovery plan unveiled by the European Commission yesterday (26 November). 
Brexit 08-07-2008

EU to cut VAT and ease state aid for SMEs

The Commission yesterday (7 July) proposed an overhaul of the bloc's VAT and state aid policies to allow governments to reduce VAT rates for labour-intensive businesses and provide small business with more aid for risk capital and innovation.
Trade & Society 28-02-2008

Commission weighing up options on CO2 border tax

The is still a lot of technical work to be done before the Commission makes a proposal on a possible "adjustment mechanism" to compensate EU industries which find themselves at a competitive disadvantage over countries with less stringent CO2 regulations, according to Jos Delbeke, a top official at the Commission's Environment Directorate.