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WTO goes green as climate change impacts trade

The World Trade Organisation's boss insisted Monday (13 June) that turning trade green was now urgent business, with the WTO putting climate change at the heart of its negotiations.
Climate change 22-10-2021

Nothing is more blah-blah-blah than the EU’s ‘sustainable’ trade policy

You can put all the sustainability principles you like in trade deals but without means for control, monitoring, enforcement or legal consequences for a failure to comply, they aren’t worth a thing, writes Adélaïde Charlier and Deborah Osei-Mensah.

Brussels seeks ‘international coalition’ on trade in green goods

The European Commission will convene a ministerial meeting next year to promote trade as a way of reaching climate and environmental objectives in what could be the first step towards the creation of a “climate club” called for by Germany....
Climate change 28-09-2018

Canada and EU add climate clause to trade pact

In a move that underscored Donald Trump’s isolation on trade and climate change, the two major economies inserted a reference to the Paris Agreement into CETA. EURACTIV's media partner Climate Home News reports.
Trade & Society 20-01-2010

US aims to boost export-led jobs in SMEs

US Trade Representative Ron Kirk welcomed a new report on Tuesday (19 January) he said showed the potential to create well-paying American jobs by encouraging more small and medium-sized US companies to export, eyeing the EU model.
Brexit 19-01-2010

Tajani banks on green growth for EU industry

The "green economy" will be at the heart of the EU's new industrial policy, according to Antonio Tajani, who has been nominated to the position of European commissioner for industry and entrepreneurship. Tajani will prioritise tourism, innovation and access to finance for SMEs in a bid to kick-start growth.
Brexit 30-11-2009

SMEs look to environmental sector for green shoots

The promise of green jobs arising from eco-innovation and upgrading Europe's building stock offers small firms some hope for economic recovery. EURACTIV's media network surveys the green economic landscape across Europe.
Brexit 06-11-2009

SMEs not seeing benefits of green stimulus

Europe's stimulus plan has been slow to help small businesses in the green tech sector, according to Eurochambres, the umbrella group for chambers of commerce in the EU.
Climate change 29-09-2009

EU, US eye green goods tax pact in climate fight

The European Union and the United States are holding talks on forging a pact with OECD countries and China to eliminate duties on green goods, as part of a deal with Beijing in view of a global climate agreement to be reached in Copenhagen by the end of the year.
Development Policy 09-09-2009

Greens urge resource efficiency boost

Europe needs political courage to put resource productivity at the forefront of its post-Lisbon Strategy vision as China and the US are becoming the "big movers" in the ecological modernisation of the global economy, the Greens said yesterday (8 September).
Development Policy 02-07-2009

UN, WTO call for trade shift to halt climate change

More open trade could lead to growing greenhouse gas emissions if nothing is done to shift "business as usual" trade practices and encourage the exchange of new low-carbon technologies, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) said in a joint report.
Trade & Society 28-02-2008

Commission weighing up options on CO2 border tax

The is still a lot of technical work to be done before the Commission makes a proposal on a possible "adjustment mechanism" to compensate EU industries which find themselves at a competitive disadvantage over countries with less stringent CO2 regulations, according to Jos Delbeke, a top official at the Commission's Environment Directorate.